Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Book Boyfriend (13)

My Book Boyfriend is Hosted every Wednesday by Missie from the Unread Reader, this is where we swoon over of fictional boyfriends and tell you why we like them so much..

After a long drought of no boyfriends, I have findly found the perfect guy... his name is..

Logan Thibault from The Lucky One By Nicholas Sparks

Logan is..

  • 28 Years Old
  • Was a Military Brat, So he traveled a lot as a kid.
  • He attended college in Colorado and majored in Anthropology.. Because the people who majored in it were more interesting.
  • After College he enlisted in the Marines, but he decided to enlist a Grunt, not an Officer.
  • Served 5 years in Iraq
  • Walked across Country From Colorado to North Carolina.
  • Has a German Shepard named Zeus, who he bought as a puppy and trained
  • He likes to keep to himself, and has a very laidback personality.
  • Played Violin and Piano as a kid.
Because, the movie is coming out, I already had someone in mind when I imagined Logan, and that was Zac Efron.


  1. OMG! Every time I see previews for this movie, I just melt! I can't wait to watch it. Zac is all grown up now. Yummy!

  2. A book boyfriend drought? Omg that sounds horrendous! I'm so glad you met Logan he sounds just what you needed:)

  3. Zac Efron is all grown up! I'll have to check this book and movie out!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews

  4. Oh Zac Efron, he's classic. You know I've never actually read a Nicholas Sparks book but my mother loves them. Looks like Logan was a great pick.

  5. Uh huh, I haven't read this book!! But I really like Zac Efron!! :) ;) <3

  6. Nicholas Sparks has such great movies and books. Zac Efron is hot. I want to see this movie but haven't read the book. I think I have only actually read A Walk To Remember but I have a few of his other books on my shelves.

  7. I just added this book to my TBR list. It will be my first Sparks book. I love Zac Effron. Great pics!

  8. Oh Zac! How he's grown from his days as Troy. Great post, great blog! New follower here.

    Reading Lark After Dark's Book Boyfriend: Vishous