Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Holocaust

I read my Holocaust almost 2 years ago and I picked the books for several reasons. The 1st reason being that I have a strange fascination with the Holocaust and I actually get really worked up when it comes to the Holocaust. I also it because, It was so blunt, about the subject.. usually books about the Holocaust have a beautiful yet sorrowful title, like "Silent Night" and " Briar Rose".

When I began to read My Holocaust I was a little taken aback; You see the book is about this Jewish family in America, who basically try to capitalize on the Holocaust. The book respectfully shows this harsh truth. Yes, the Holocaust was bad,sad and a huge part of History, but this shows a Father who takes this too far, but grieving people into donations to his the memorial museum and to Holocaust Connections Inc. He comes up with elaborate ideas to market the brand and he believes the Jewish people are the only ones entitled to this brand---The Holocaust.

Being as It has been awhile since I have read this book, and too be honest I never completely finished reading it. My review overall is half-ass, but it you are looking for a book that makes you think, that is offensive to some but in the most respectful way, that touches a subject that is so cradled and exposes many truths about the people who are in charge of it today. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Go Ask Alice is a truly saddening and eye opening book. The book is based on a fifteen year old girls account of drug use, written in her diary. The name of the girl is never mentioned and the book is published as Anonymous. Many believe that it is a true account, but there being numerous accusations and stories saying otherwise the book is now published as fiction.. all though still authored by Anonymous. Whether or not the book is based on a fifteen year old girls actual life or not the story it tells is a very real story, that holds true today as it did back in the 70's; when the diaries were written(allegedly).

You become engaged by this helplessly naive teenage girl, who has the same worries as everyone else and just wants to fit in. She begins her spiral into drugs when she attends a party and her drink is laced with LSD. From there her addiction to every drug out there begins. You see her try and try again and again to break the cycle of addiction and as you read the diary. You feel for this young lost little girl. From running away, to being a drug dealer, to having sex with strangers, you cringe. However, the book is so well written, that you don't feel disgusted when reading these accounts. Her struggle to stay clean, have a normal life and be loved, is a truly heart wrenching one.

The book overall is an easy read by far and if you are an avid reader you will finish is quickly, but even if you are not an avid reader it shouldn't take you too long to finish. It is especially hard to but down and I would by most definitely recommend it. In fact I think this should be required reading in middle school to high school. For the fact the this could happen to any naive unsuspecting teenager. I guess, I also like this book because it made me think about how the politics are and how till this day people try to push the drugs aren't bad shtick on you and it makes me think of the people who I know personally do drugs and how proud I am to say I have never done drugs (including weed) I mean, when we had the Red Ribbon Weeks in elementary school and when our teachers told us drugs were bad, I remembered that and held on that promise we made on red ribbon week to "just say no". I wish more kids were like that, Go Ask Alice also reminded me of Thirteen and Girl,Interrupted. Also, two movies I think our youth should see and take to heart.. Unfortunately, to most saying this just makes me look prude, but whatever. Go read the book, it is well worth your time and money.

What's Next?
Oh, I am so so so excited for my next book...(well I am always excited for my next book) but this one more so, because I truly admire the authors. My next book is I Do, Now What? By Giuliana and Bill Rancic. Giuliana is the co-host of E! News with Ryan Seacrest and Bill Rancic is one of the winners of The Apprentice. They are now married and have the own Reality show and since then I have feel in love with them as a truly unique and relate-able couple. So, I can not wait to see what there book holds about love, life and marriage.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How To Be Single

You know when I start a book, as I begin reading it.. I begin thinking about what I am going to write for my review of the book. I make little mental notes, about what i liked, what I didn't like, how it made me feel, how long it took me to read, and overall I think about what makes the book different then any other book I have read, but also, what makes it similar to other books and with How To Be Single. I honestly don't know where to begin. You see, I had this review pretty much written and summed up in my head until the last 100 pages of so of the book. Here goes nothing.

How To Be Single By Liz Tuccillo is Sex In The City meets He's Just Not That Into You, Meets Eat,Pray,Love. The fore most making a lot of sense since she was a screenwriter for Sex In The City and she co-wrote He Just Not That Into You. The Book is about 5 New York 30-something woman, who are all.. you guessed it! Single. The book is centered around one women named Julie, and HER friends Georgia,Serena,Ruby and Alice. Each women with their own stories, there own personalities but same dilemma. After one tragic night out on the town Julie decides she is going to write a book on being single and how women from other cultures; deal with being single. While Julie is off researching the book goes back and forth between her friends lives back in New York.. and how these four other women lean on each other with out having Julie around and also, how they deal with being single in the city.

To be honest, I don't know how I feel about the book, it took me awhile to read.. it was one of those books where I would say "I need to finish it.." but then I could always find something better to do.. so I read it a few pages at a time, until I finally got to the end. The book was interesting, to see the harsh reality of growing older and well being single. The book had its love stories here and there but for the most part, it was a ride awakening. I did enjoy the culture shocks though. It is funny how the author really didn't have to vividly describe the cities the character was in.. she just describes the people and the ambiance of the city came to life on the page. The thing is.. although this book is suppose to be fiction.. it is actually quite truthful and real. There was a lot of research done for it.. and to hear how different women all over the world dealt with being 30-somethings and single was really quite amazing. From open marriages, to true love, to arranged marriages. It was definitely an experience.

Where I started to actually have emotions in the book is interesting though, the parts of the book that stood out for me, were really parts of the book that I don't know.. were minimal. Meaning had they not been in the book.. the overall book would not have been changed. My first, intense emotion happened when Julie was in China and explained that she had to use a "Squatter" toilet in public. This was a culture shock to me and frankly it scared me...after hearing that my want to visit China ever went WAY WAY down. Then there was her visit to India. Which I don't know why but made me think... because an issue she addressed was the kids of the slums begging for money on the streets... You know Slumdog Millionaire Style.. The theme of that chapter was the locals would say "don't give them money, it's a scam" and also " you know they are happy, they don't know anything else" So, this made me think... of course they are happy, they don't know anything but poverty. Not saying that the conditions they live in are acceptable but that was just an interesting gem. The third thing I was surprised about is an issue in Serena's life that happens, towards the end of the book, that had me in tears.. but I will not spoil that for you. These being the most emotional and memorable moments in the book for me, also makes me think.. if those are what got to me the most.. what does it say about the actual book itself? Like I said I am not sure, whether or not I like this book.The Ending really surprised me, mainly cause I guess it wasn't what I expected... I expected it to end one way or the other, either they all find the loves of their life or they all end up being single and although one of those is correct I was still surprised how the women got to that moment and how cinematic cheesy movie the author made it.

Would I recommend this book... not necessarily.. if you are a girl who is struggling with being single then yes, I would.. mainly because it gives you some many options on how you can look at your singledom and also possible solutions. Otherwise, the book was alright and I'm glad I bought it used.

What's Next?

The next book in my repertoire of books is Go Ask Alice By Anonymous. I decided on Go Ask Alice, mainly because I have heard a lot of buzz over this book for a while now... and it suppose to be a nitty gritty TRUE struggling teen story. I'm thinking and hoping like the movie Thirteen...? Who knows.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Breaking News Update #1

Welp.. Mr. Gregorio got a lot farther in his progress of the book then I expected.. He got all the way to Pg. 6 of the 1st Chapter.. which means he read through the whole prologue as well. Although I was reading the book at times... there were a few "hmmphs" from Brandon's side.. He was excited to see that there was a map in the book that showed San Jose (where we grew up) and he also said "oh he went to Leland"  For those who don't know Leland is a local high school near us.. Brandon later rifled through a few pages to see where the chapter ended.. and then a few minutes later.. I found him passed out with his face in the book.

In The Morning.. I asked Brandon about the book.. and his response was " so far I like it, and cannot wait to continue reading it."

Since B, isn't big on reading, so these chronicles may take a long time of reporting..

Currently Reading: How To Be Single By Liz Tuccillo 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My Fiance is ACTUALLY reading a book! For those who know Brandon.. he isn't really a big reader, however last Christmas he begged me to get him this book.. I was hesitant to buy the book, since he isn't a reader... so I said " I will only buy you this book, under the condition that you will actually read the book and finish it." and to this is he said "I promise you I will" . Almost a year later and he has now begun reading the book. What would that book be, you ask?

The book is about the life of Pat Tillman.. who you must should know as the Bay Area Football Star who gave up the chance to be a Professional player, to serve his country... only to be a victim of friendly fire. My goal is to update you on Brandon's progress through the book, his comments on the book and just in General..  Being as I have complained that I don't have a lot of time to read my books anymore, he decided we will set aside time in our days to read and then talk about how the book is... The first this Brandon said is " Look I'm reading a big boy book".. This is after he took of the paper cover to reveal the more plain hard cover. looking at the 1st few pages... he questioned why the author dedicated the book to another soldier since the book is about Pat Tillman and after little discussion on the topic.. he continued to read.. then I heard.."oh boy these are some big words" I noticed he was reading the table of contents and informed him that, that isn't really the beginning of the book. So  he began his reading journey.. and asked " do I have to read the Prologue?"  Brandon is now a few pages into the prologue and I suspect that is probably where he will stop reading the book for the night as well.

As for me, I will continue to read "How to be Single" now off I go to read.. Updates will be provided shortly. Good Night = )