Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's Your Personal Legend?

Merry Christmahannukwanzakah to everyone! 
This year I was truly blessed with great family and friends, although, our Christmas Day was a little rocky ( think being sick and driving in the rain lost for 5 hours). Although, Christmas is never about gifts.. I got all the gifts I would have liked to have and even some more books! You know how I love love love my books, as well as a Barnes and Noble Gift Card. Which I cannot WAIT to use. I also, discovered that you can make your own profile on Barnes and Noble's Website which I did. If you want to find me, and be my friend, just ask.. I don't know if you can search using the Pen Names but mine is KTTDH5 and I also, have an account on Amazon as well. Point is books, make me happy. = ) Now the book review...

The Alchemist is a great book, it truly is... I recognize the greatness of the book. However, this book just wasn't my cup of tea. I will say the book is universal in the sense that it speaks to everyone. It talks about finding your personal legend and sticking to it. The book, uses religion and nature beautifully. 

If you haven't read the Alchemist even though it has been around for 20 something years. Then I will late it out for you. It starts off with a Boy who is a Shepard. The boy became a Shepard because he wanted to travel. Although, content with the life he had been having, he kept having dreams about Pyramids. So, he went to a gypsy who translated the dream saying he must go to these Pyramids and he will find his treasure. The boy shrugs it off at first but then he meets a man who tells him that this is his personal legend and gives him the motivation he needs to follow his dream. From there the boy goes on a long journey, through Spain and Africa to find the Pyramids in Egypt along the way he meets thieves, works for shop owners and finds love, but most importantly he meets The Alchemist who teaches him about life and how to face challenges that would keep him from his personal legend.

As I stated before, I recognize the greatness of the book and I liked the book, but to me I felt this book was perfect for school. It felt like a book I was to read for English class and learn a lesson from, the books we read in English are great books, they are for the most part books I will always remember (which I believe makes a great book), but I think for me at least the trifecta of a great book also is when, you just can't put it down. I understand that this is debatable cause some books aren't the most well written books, but you can't put them down and some books you remember cause they  sucked.. or sometimes a well written book, isn't intriguing enough to never want to put down (like in this case). ANYWAYS, for me if you can get through the first 60 pages, which for me are rather boring then you will be fine. I am just saying for me this book was alright.

What's Next?

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald ! I am always, excited to read a new book, but this book excites me for many reasons. Mainly cause I know it is a beloved classic, that many people have read and well, I haven't. I am excited about this book, because I don't really know much about it, besides that it takes place in the 20's era (an era I love). I am also excited cause right after I bought this book, it was announced that they were making it into a movie. Which means I will have read the book, before seeing the movie, which I love.

Monday, December 20, 2010

"Breaking" News Update #2

Welp, the progress Brandon has made on reading his book Where Men Win Glory is exactly where he was last time I Updated you.. he is six pages in...However, Brandon was really excited today because he received a new book in the mail The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. Brandon was extremely excited to get this book the moment he saw it at a Border's ...So, with a Gift Card that my Aunt gave to him for Amazon he purchased the book. Brandon was not happy though... when I told him, he could not read the new book, until he finished reading Where Men Win Glory...It may sound harsh.. but I have My reasons..

You see, Brandon in general wasn't a big reader.. So, one day (last December) while we were at Target... I was looking at books in the well, book section and as we were leaving Brandon mentioned he would like Where Mean Win Glory and I laughed it off.. since He never reads.. well Brandon for the next few days kept bringing it up that he wanted that book and every time I would say "why buy you a book... you won't read?" and every time he would assure me he was going to read it. So, I bought him the book... and now, a year later and he ha on read 6 pages of this book, he HAD to have, this book he PROMISED he would read. Needless, to say... He will read this book before he can read another. Brandon's not so happy with this.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


WOW! What a debut novel by Hilary Duff. May I first add I have always been a huge fan of Hilary Duff, I always preferred her over Lindsay Lohan. I think I made a great choice. However, when I saw on Live With Regis & Kelly (love that show) that she was coming out with a book... I will admit I was skeptical about it.. Now, let me clarify I am not saying people have to have one life's passion or be good at one thing... being as I am someone who has myself finished writing a children's story and on top of that busy opening my own event planning business and hope to open a baby boutique later on in life. So, why can't she be a talented Actor, Musican, and Author? But... Hollywood can be SO cliche and some people do it just cause they can. However, like I said I really like Hilary Duff and when she described the book, something told me this is the real deal.. although I was still skeptical....

The book is hard to really explain.. The book is about Clea Raymond (17) who at her young age is an accomplished photo journalist and also, the daughter to a Senator and Researcher. A Year after her father goes missing, Clea notices that in all her pictures a mysterious man appears in all of them. Although creeped out at first she feel drawn to him and his soon dreaming of him.. Until one fateful night in Rio. Where she meets him and the mystery of who he is and where her father is start to unravel.

Elixir is fast paced and at times can seem a little jumpy, however.. I didn't want it to end. It has everything a good book should have, it has the paranormal elements, mystery, revenge, romance, a love triangle, friendship, history and so much more. I was almost sad that the book was coming to an end... it's kind of like watching the season finale of your favorite TV show and it end with a cliff hanger.. then realizing you have to wait a few agonizing months until next season to find out what happens. Like a said for a debut novel, Hilary has definitely put a really really good book under her belt. I don't know how to explain it really. The best way of saying it, is that she wrote a REAL book and is a REAL author in her own right.  There are many celebs who write decently good books and can call themselves authors but to have a book that is truly something that can stand on it's own  without a celebrity name is rare. I would read this book and enjoy it just as much had it not been written by Hilary Duff. I recommend it to every one to go out and buy it.. even boys and although it is in the Young Adult Category.. the adults will enjoy it as well. I cannot wait for the sequel to come out and if it gets turned into a tv show or movie.. I can not wait to watch it either. Hell I'd love to star in it.. Clea is definitely a character I would enjoy playing (hey, who said I couldn't be an actress too ; p). At your next book club meeting suggest Elixir or if you're looking for your next great read.. go to the book store and pick it up. You will not.. I promise you will not regret it.

What's Next?
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.. Okay I honestly know NOTHING about this book.. besides that it comes highly recommended. So, with that I am excited to read it.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's

This may be the first and only time I have said this but the movie is better then the book. Well to be fair.. the movie and the book are basically the same thing. Pretty much word for word the exact same. So, let's just say the movie gave the book the extra umph it needed. Given that the book was like the movie.. there isn't much to this review.. besides the fact that I recommend you just watch the movie... instead of the reading the book. UNLESS, you really prefer reading over movies.. then read the book.

Currently Reading: Elixir by Hilary Duff

Monday, December 13, 2010

I Do, Now What?

Let me start off by saying, this isn't a book I would typically read.. the whole celebrity advice book, our life thing... isn't well, my thing. However, Giuliana and Bill are actually the one celeb couple I love and admire. Having watched there show on the Style Network, I found them to be a genuinely solid couple who had got the whole marriage thing mastered. It also helped that my fiance and I both shared a lot of similar qualities with them. So, when they came out with a book, I instantly Wish Listed It.

Why should you go out and buy this book? Well , first off the book is funny. If you have seen their show, then you will not be disappointed since the book is told through Bill and Giuliana. What I mean by that is.. it's like they are there talking to you about their marriage.. Bill will begin with the story, then Giuliana adds her two sense and back and forth even sometimes interuppting each other. Who they are comes in cleary. The book covers everything from Work, Babies, In-Laws, Money, Sex and everything in between. They share there own life expeiriences with these problems while also backing them with studies and facts. Although at times you may feel a pang of jealousy about how perfect they seem to be.. they also, never claim to be perfect and admit they are human.

This book is good for anyone to read really... but, you will probably appreciate it more if you are in a committed long term relationship. I also, find that this is a good Engagement and even extra wedding gift to give. It's not insulting to give either because this isn't "how to fix your marriage" it is more of 'ways to keep your marriage happy" all while being entertaining. I hope they come out with more books and I wish them the most success and happiness a couple could have, cause they are truly amazing people and my couple idols.

What's Next?
My next fabulous read is Elixir by Hilary Duff. From what I understand the book is about a young female journalist who goes to find her missing father and on the way has some paranormal experiences.. I actually have very high hopes for this book.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

American Wife

I read American Wife about 2 or 3 years ago and when I picked the book, cause honestly I pick 90% of my books on there cover and title and rarely read the back to see what they are about.... So, when I picked this book, I thought it would be simply about an American Wife and it is... but with a literal twist.

The book follows Alice Lindgren through out her life. The book starts from when from a young age well into her late 50's. As a teenager Alice is in a terrible accident and also, gets pregnant and has an abortion. These two incidents, haunt her her whole life and affects her relationships and life views. Later on we see her become a nice young woman, moving out on her own , dating and enjoying her job as a School Librarian. Until one fateful night where she meets Charlie Blackwell at at friends BBQ. From there her life becomes a whirlwind. and soon her a Charlie are married.  The Blackwell's a quite wealthy, a little snooty and Republican family are very different from what Alice is used to. But her life REALLY changes when her husband Charlie has political ambitions, going from Mayor, to Governor and then President. You see how Charlie's political career, takes a toll on the family and how incidents from Alice's past come back to haunt her, however, but despite all that she remains the perfect American Wife.

First off, you can't help but read this book and think about the parallels between the character Alice and Laura Bush. Which leads to some intirgue.. but overall the book isn't anything magnificent. BUT it is isn't dreadful either. The book is very realistic and endearing though. If you need something to read you will definitely enjoy it, you won't hate it.. it's just not "action packed"

Currently Reading: I Do, Now What? By Giuliana & Bill Rancic

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Holocaust

I read my Holocaust almost 2 years ago and I picked the books for several reasons. The 1st reason being that I have a strange fascination with the Holocaust and I actually get really worked up when it comes to the Holocaust. I also it because, It was so blunt, about the subject.. usually books about the Holocaust have a beautiful yet sorrowful title, like "Silent Night" and " Briar Rose".

When I began to read My Holocaust I was a little taken aback; You see the book is about this Jewish family in America, who basically try to capitalize on the Holocaust. The book respectfully shows this harsh truth. Yes, the Holocaust was bad,sad and a huge part of History, but this shows a Father who takes this too far, but grieving people into donations to his the memorial museum and to Holocaust Connections Inc. He comes up with elaborate ideas to market the brand and he believes the Jewish people are the only ones entitled to this brand---The Holocaust.

Being as It has been awhile since I have read this book, and too be honest I never completely finished reading it. My review overall is half-ass, but it you are looking for a book that makes you think, that is offensive to some but in the most respectful way, that touches a subject that is so cradled and exposes many truths about the people who are in charge of it today. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Currently Reading: I Do, Now What? By Giuliana and Bill Rancic

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Go Ask Alice is a truly saddening and eye opening book. The book is based on a fifteen year old girls account of drug use, written in her diary. The name of the girl is never mentioned and the book is published as Anonymous. Many believe that it is a true account, but there being numerous accusations and stories saying otherwise the book is now published as fiction.. all though still authored by Anonymous. Whether or not the book is based on a fifteen year old girls actual life or not the story it tells is a very real story, that holds true today as it did back in the 70's; when the diaries were written(allegedly).

You become engaged by this helplessly naive teenage girl, who has the same worries as everyone else and just wants to fit in. She begins her spiral into drugs when she attends a party and her drink is laced with LSD. From there her addiction to every drug out there begins. You see her try and try again and again to break the cycle of addiction and as you read the diary. You feel for this young lost little girl. From running away, to being a drug dealer, to having sex with strangers, you cringe. However, the book is so well written, that you don't feel disgusted when reading these accounts. Her struggle to stay clean, have a normal life and be loved, is a truly heart wrenching one.

The book overall is an easy read by far and if you are an avid reader you will finish is quickly, but even if you are not an avid reader it shouldn't take you too long to finish. It is especially hard to but down and I would by most definitely recommend it. In fact I think this should be required reading in middle school to high school. For the fact the this could happen to any naive unsuspecting teenager. I guess, I also like this book because it made me think about how the politics are and how till this day people try to push the drugs aren't bad shtick on you and it makes me think of the people who I know personally do drugs and how proud I am to say I have never done drugs (including weed) I mean, when we had the Red Ribbon Weeks in elementary school and when our teachers told us drugs were bad, I remembered that and held on that promise we made on red ribbon week to "just say no". I wish more kids were like that, Go Ask Alice also reminded me of Thirteen and Girl,Interrupted. Also, two movies I think our youth should see and take to heart.. Unfortunately, to most saying this just makes me look prude, but whatever. Go read the book, it is well worth your time and money.

What's Next?
Oh, I am so so so excited for my next book...(well I am always excited for my next book) but this one more so, because I truly admire the authors. My next book is I Do, Now What? By Giuliana and Bill Rancic. Giuliana is the co-host of E! News with Ryan Seacrest and Bill Rancic is one of the winners of The Apprentice. They are now married and have the own Reality show and since then I have feel in love with them as a truly unique and relate-able couple. So, I can not wait to see what there book holds about love, life and marriage.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How To Be Single

You know when I start a book, as I begin reading it.. I begin thinking about what I am going to write for my review of the book. I make little mental notes, about what i liked, what I didn't like, how it made me feel, how long it took me to read, and overall I think about what makes the book different then any other book I have read, but also, what makes it similar to other books and with How To Be Single. I honestly don't know where to begin. You see, I had this review pretty much written and summed up in my head until the last 100 pages of so of the book. Here goes nothing.

How To Be Single By Liz Tuccillo is Sex In The City meets He's Just Not That Into You, Meets Eat,Pray,Love. The fore most making a lot of sense since she was a screenwriter for Sex In The City and she co-wrote He Just Not That Into You. The Book is about 5 New York 30-something woman, who are all.. you guessed it! Single. The book is centered around one women named Julie, and HER friends Georgia,Serena,Ruby and Alice. Each women with their own stories, there own personalities but same dilemma. After one tragic night out on the town Julie decides she is going to write a book on being single and how women from other cultures; deal with being single. While Julie is off researching the book goes back and forth between her friends lives back in New York.. and how these four other women lean on each other with out having Julie around and also, how they deal with being single in the city.

To be honest, I don't know how I feel about the book, it took me awhile to read.. it was one of those books where I would say "I need to finish it.." but then I could always find something better to do.. so I read it a few pages at a time, until I finally got to the end. The book was interesting, to see the harsh reality of growing older and well being single. The book had its love stories here and there but for the most part, it was a ride awakening. I did enjoy the culture shocks though. It is funny how the author really didn't have to vividly describe the cities the character was in.. she just describes the people and the ambiance of the city came to life on the page. The thing is.. although this book is suppose to be fiction.. it is actually quite truthful and real. There was a lot of research done for it.. and to hear how different women all over the world dealt with being 30-somethings and single was really quite amazing. From open marriages, to true love, to arranged marriages. It was definitely an experience.

Where I started to actually have emotions in the book is interesting though, the parts of the book that stood out for me, were really parts of the book that I don't know.. were minimal. Meaning had they not been in the book.. the overall book would not have been changed. My first, intense emotion happened when Julie was in China and explained that she had to use a "Squatter" toilet in public. This was a culture shock to me and frankly it scared me...after hearing that my want to visit China ever went WAY WAY down. Then there was her visit to India. Which I don't know why but made me think... because an issue she addressed was the kids of the slums begging for money on the streets... You know Slumdog Millionaire Style.. The theme of that chapter was the locals would say "don't give them money, it's a scam" and also " you know they are happy, they don't know anything else" So, this made me think... of course they are happy, they don't know anything but poverty. Not saying that the conditions they live in are acceptable but that was just an interesting gem. The third thing I was surprised about is an issue in Serena's life that happens, towards the end of the book, that had me in tears.. but I will not spoil that for you. These being the most emotional and memorable moments in the book for me, also makes me think.. if those are what got to me the most.. what does it say about the actual book itself? Like I said I am not sure, whether or not I like this book.The Ending really surprised me, mainly cause I guess it wasn't what I expected... I expected it to end one way or the other, either they all find the loves of their life or they all end up being single and although one of those is correct I was still surprised how the women got to that moment and how cinematic cheesy movie the author made it.

Would I recommend this book... not necessarily.. if you are a girl who is struggling with being single then yes, I would.. mainly because it gives you some many options on how you can look at your singledom and also possible solutions. Otherwise, the book was alright and I'm glad I bought it used.

What's Next?

The next book in my repertoire of books is Go Ask Alice By Anonymous. I decided on Go Ask Alice, mainly because I have heard a lot of buzz over this book for a while now... and it suppose to be a nitty gritty TRUE struggling teen story. I'm thinking and hoping like the movie Thirteen...? Who knows.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Breaking News Update #1

Welp.. Mr. Gregorio got a lot farther in his progress of the book then I expected.. He got all the way to Pg. 6 of the 1st Chapter.. which means he read through the whole prologue as well. Although I was reading the book at times... there were a few "hmmphs" from Brandon's side.. He was excited to see that there was a map in the book that showed San Jose (where we grew up) and he also said "oh he went to Leland"  For those who don't know Leland is a local high school near us.. Brandon later rifled through a few pages to see where the chapter ended.. and then a few minutes later.. I found him passed out with his face in the book.

In The Morning.. I asked Brandon about the book.. and his response was " so far I like it, and cannot wait to continue reading it."

Since B, isn't big on reading, so these chronicles may take a long time of reporting..

Currently Reading: How To Be Single By Liz Tuccillo 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My Fiance is ACTUALLY reading a book! For those who know Brandon.. he isn't really a big reader, however last Christmas he begged me to get him this book.. I was hesitant to buy the book, since he isn't a reader... so I said " I will only buy you this book, under the condition that you will actually read the book and finish it." and to this is he said "I promise you I will" . Almost a year later and he has now begun reading the book. What would that book be, you ask?

The book is about the life of Pat Tillman.. who you must should know as the Bay Area Football Star who gave up the chance to be a Professional player, to serve his country... only to be a victim of friendly fire. My goal is to update you on Brandon's progress through the book, his comments on the book and just in General..  Being as I have complained that I don't have a lot of time to read my books anymore, he decided we will set aside time in our days to read and then talk about how the book is... The first this Brandon said is " Look I'm reading a big boy book".. This is after he took of the paper cover to reveal the more plain hard cover. looking at the 1st few pages... he questioned why the author dedicated the book to another soldier since the book is about Pat Tillman and after little discussion on the topic.. he continued to read.. then I heard.."oh boy these are some big words" I noticed he was reading the table of contents and informed him that, that isn't really the beginning of the book. So  he began his reading journey.. and asked " do I have to read the Prologue?"  Brandon is now a few pages into the prologue and I suspect that is probably where he will stop reading the book for the night as well.

As for me, I will continue to read "How to be Single" now off I go to read.. Updates will be provided shortly. Good Night = )

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Death By Boredom

I am aware that this play and screen play is a classic.. I realize it has won many awards... but frankly I just couldn't get into it.. maybe it's because the book was TOO dated for me.. or maybe it was just the fact that it was a book that I had to read for school. I tend loose interest in books, if I have a set date I have to read them by.. i guess it cause it takes the fun out of it for me. Overall, I quit reading the book half way through and really have nothing nice to say about the book and do not recommend it. I am sure some people will disagree with me and that is fine, but I found no reason to want to finish reading this book.

Currently Reading: How To Be Single By Liz Tuccillo

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let's Just Not... and Say We Did

The Title of this Blog describes exactly how I feel about this book. Although, I finished reading this book about two weeks ago I felt Zero urge to blog about it and also, I have been busy. With that said... my OCD kicked in and I HAD to blog about it or I would be out of order. I'm weird like that.

I think the problem began with the authors themselves.. being that both woman are in the Hollywood business and are well Screen writers (I think) I feel no need to clarify this since I really could care less. They are in the industry what they do, really doesn't matter. Had this book been written into a TV Show or even a movie.. possibly it could have been better. The Idea for the book, was good.. the lay out for the book was good.. but, after that it just lacked everything. The plot jumped around the book and then on the last 5 pages all comes together, but still leaves you unsatisfied. Mainly cause there was zero substance to each of the plot lines.. they were all haphazardly thrown around. Minus the clever and constant name dropping this book just didn't hit the mark. I wasted too much of my life reading this book, and would never think of recommending this book to anyone. THANK GOD I bought it had the dollar store, cause it would not have been worth anymore than that. 

In Other News...

I am suppose to be reading "Death of A Salesman" for my class.. which annoys me since it interrupted my flow of books I have ready to be read next. I have been told that "Death of a Salesman" is a classic however, once a book is assigned to me for school, I lose any interest I had in reading the book... I think it's the deadline..deadlines, make it hard for me to enjoy a book. Which speaking of deadline I have 2 days to finish reading this book before I have to write a book report on it.. and I am only on page 14. I should correct myself when I say book, cause it's actually a screenplay and  written in that format it is also, only 150 pages long. SO it really isn't a difficult read. I just don't want to read it, but I will (i hope) and I will report back to my "readers" aka my mom and that will be that. I am also excited because I bought Myself a new book today By Bill and Giuliana Rancic called "I Do, Now What?" If you don't know who they are Bill won the Apprentice and Giuliana is an E! News Host with Ryan Seacrest and Together they have their own reality show on E! and Style called Giuliana and Bill.  They are a hilarious couple and live an exceedingly stressful life, but also have an unusual marriage. OK. I need to stop this is what I say in my What's Next Part of my blog. So I will stop, I was just excited to buy this book and read it.. but not until I read the 3 maybe 4 books ahead of it ...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dirty Sexy Politics

This is the first time I listened to a book, and not read one. As much as I love to read books and prefer the book over Audiobooks and Kindles. I simply don't have money to always be buying books. So, when My mom got the new Nano and asked me to purchase some books, I took this opportunity to purchase Meghan McCain's Book. I was interested in reading this for several reasons.... one being that I am a moderate republican like, Meghan and the two being I voted for McCain and Palin...

The book, is basically about Meghan's life on her fathers campaign. I'm going to be honest, I expected more from the book. It is nothing too entertaining, except that you get to see what life on a campaign is really like. Although, I was not thrilled by this book.. I did enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone... even if you are not a McCain fan. Personally I really like Meghan, she is honest and is exactly the advocate the Republican party needs. Go pick the book up or download the audiobook...which is narrated by Meghan McCain, who has a great voice to listen to.

Currently Reading: Death of A Salesman By Arthur Miller

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Elephants?.. OH MY!

There is a reason this book was number one on the New York Times Bestsellers List and has the potential to be an Oscar Nominated movie as well. Water for Elephants is set in the'30's depression America and present day. The main character is Jacob, who is a ninety something year old main living in a home and when the circus comes into town. Jacob reflects on his earlier years as a vet for a circus. He recalls being a virgin, how he wound up with the circus, his first love and a murder. The book smoothly transitions between past and present, in a way that doesn't leave you upset that the main story is being interrupted cause both the past story and present are just as important.

Water for Elephants is a book for everyone, I find it hard to believe someone not enjoying this book. Although sexually explicit at times and there are moments that make you stomach clench. The book is real, it doesn't hold back. It's a book about love, murder, mystery but in a way it's a reminder. A reminder to live our lives to the fullest cause one day those days where you wished life would get a little bit better are going to be the days you wish you could go back too. The book comes full circle with it ending and there is an amazing, twist to the book. One I guarantee you won't see coming. Overall, I loved the book and recommend it to anyone and everyone.

The reason I don't have much to write about this book is because you really can't explain it, you can't explain it too much without giving it's secrets away.

What's Next?

Well, I was going to read Vows, Vendettas and A Little Black Dress next... but the book got severely damaged and I have this weird OCD thing, where I like my books to be in a great condition... So, although I can read the book in the condition it's in, I feel the need to buy a new one, only problem is I am not even sure the book is good enough to buy again. although it has a 4 star average review on Amazon.
So, the book next on my list after Vows, Vendetta and A Little Black Dress is Celebutantes by Amanda Goldberg and Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper. I found this book at a Dollar Tree... So, my expectations aren't high for the book but thanks to good marketing the title and cover of the book intrigued me. Therefore, I am excited to find out what the book is about.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pretty Girls and Deathly Fun Times

Pretty Little Devils is a mix between mean girls and a horror movie. The book is about a girl names Hazel who isn't your typical outcast; she is pretty, she has nice clothes but she isn't in the " in-crowd". Desperately, Hazel wants to be apart of the schools group of "it" girls, known as the The Pretty Little Devils. The one day Hazel is asked to join the group and then the drama begins. The Pretty Little Devils... are just that. They use the houses of their babysitting clients as their homes to throw their famous parties and they are known for hazing. All is fun and games until someone jealousy turns into murder.

The book is a great book, not hard to read and nothing special but definitely intriguing. The ending to the book is definitely surprising and actually I remember when I finished reading, it was hard for me to go to sleep after. If you are middle school, high school age I would recommend the book. Otherwise, you might feel you have wasted your time.

Monday, September 6, 2010

... Apple Sauce

I don't have a long review for this book for two reasons... I read it over a year ago and well, it's not a memorable book. It's cute, it's sweet. It's a coming of age tale and that is all. If you have a child in 4th grade to maybe Senior year in High school, they may enjoy this book, but otherwise it is nothing to rave about.

Currently Reading: Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

Friday, September 3, 2010

Got A Secret... Can You Keep It?

Pretty Little Liars is a series I began reading before it was a TV series and also when it was still in the progress of being a series. So I have only read the 1st 4 books given that by the time the other 3 books were read I had already lost interest... but with the TV show now going on maybe I'll read those other 3 books...

What I liked about the PLL series was it's originality. The series is about these 5 girls Ali, Spencer, Hannah, Emily and Aria. Who are best friends and Queen Bee's. Then one fateful summer night Ali goes missing. So, fast forward a year and the four girls who no longer have there leader Ali, have gone there separate ways.

The Book is told in chapters each separated by the girls separate lives.. So one Chapter is told through Spencer's eyes, the next Aria's, Etc. The Plot really begins when Alison's body is found and the girls are all being haunted by this mysterious "A" who knows secrets about their lives that only Ali knew... The book becomes this crazy "who dun it" and you are constantly trying to figure out who this "A" is that knows SO much about the girls and is constantly out to ruin there current lives. The books are full of twists and turns that keep you wanting more.

The series form what I read is great. It's a perfect chick lit mystery book and more geared towards the teens. There is never a boring moment in the series and it keeps you one your toes. So don't be afraid to get into it.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hmm, well this being another book I had read during my 2009 summer reading, it was an extremely quick read. I liked the book, but that could be because I have an obsession with history and particularly, Tudor history. I have read all the books in the Young Royals series and have enjoyed the books. Although the books are not entirely based on fact.. The book speaks as if it is the thoughts of the character. So this book would be the life and thoughts of Anne Boleyn. Who is the second wife of King Henry VIII. The same wife who turned a kingdom into turmoil and ultimately met her demise at the Tower of London. Its a new view, enjoyable, but not for everyone.

Currently Reading: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Monday, August 30, 2010

Running out of Options

I Had already gone through the list of books I had read this year... So I had to go through my list of books I read from the summer of 2009 and a little after that. Here is the 1st book from the list...

Ok, I have to do some recalling here. 13 Little Blue Envelopes is a book about 17 year old Virginia who receives 13 blue letters from her Crazy Aunt Peg; who has passed away. Th 1st letter explains that Ginny will be embarking on an adventure and that she is not aloud to open the next letter until she gets to her next destination or completes the task in the letter beforehand. On top of that she is given 4 rules she must follow.

Rule #1:
You may bring only what fits in your backpack. Don't try to fake it with a purse or a carry-on.

Rule #2:
You may not bring guidebooks, phrase books, or any kind of foreign language aid. And no journals.

Rule #3:
You cannot bring extra money or credit/debit cards, traveler's checks, etc. I'll take care of all that.

Rule #4:
No electronic crutches. This means no laptop, no cell phone, no music, and no camera. You can't call home or communicate with people in the U.S. by Internet or telephone. Postcards and letters are acceptable and encouraged.

The letter takes her on all these adventures through Europe, where Virginia discovers things about her Aunt and learns things about herself.

The book is a typical teenage chick lit light read. It's a feel good book. I enjoyed the book and in fact as I am sitting here planning my trip to Europe in April... I find myself recalling moments about the places we are going to visit from this book. The book is nothing SPECIAL and would not be the first book on the top of my head that I would recommend to someone, but it is a nice book, that makes you want to go travel.

Currently Reading: Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

Friday, August 27, 2010

Remember When You Were...

Twenties Girl definitely surprised me. It was not what I thought it was about. I originally thought it was about a modern girl who likes to live like she was in the twenties (which overall sounded like a boring book, but I love the '20's era). However I was ALL wrong. The book is set in London, England. Lara is the main character; who just broke up with her boyfriend Josh, dropped everything to go into business with her best friend to become a headhunter (although shes never done it before), and overall is just in a tough spot. Mainly, because Natalie, Lara's friend and business partner decides to move to India, fall in love and isn't exactly sure when she will be coming back. Leaving Lara and their assistant Kate, to figure the business out. On top of that Lara is convinced her ex is still in love with her and she has to go to the funeral of her Great Aunt Sadie; who she's never met. Now, this is where the book begins...while at the funeral Lara discovers that she can see her great aunt Sadie, who has taken form of her 23 year old body from the '20's. Being Lara is the only one who can see her, Sadie asks..well more like demands Lara stop the funeral and help her find her necklace; because she cannot be put to rest without it.

That may sound a little boring, but the book hilariously follows them through there journey. It's part ghost story, meets mystery novel, meets love story. There are two, three, maybe even four different story lines going on... all tied together perfectly. I read through this book rather quickly and not because I just HAD to know how it ended but because it was hilarious and just made me happy. I would say it was like I was watching a movie or reading a perfectly well executed movie script and I just wanted to know what the ending would be. The book is excellently written and since the writer is also British, there are a few words that I didn't quite understand but got the point. This is the perfect summer reading book, or a book to read while lounging by the pool. I'm actually excited to read some more of Sophie Kinsella's books.

What's Next?

The Next book in my pile of books to read is "Water for Elephants" by Sarah Gruen. I honestly do not know much about the book. I know it is a historical piece (which I LOVE) and it has to do with the circus. I mainly picked the book up for 2 reasons... One being I have heard great things about it and 2nd being that I know the movie is in production and I want to read it before it comes out..

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chelsea Lately

Chelsea Handler is a talented comedian who now has her own show called Chelsea Lately on the E! Network. Chelsea always brings the laugh and although sometime she can go to far, she is hilarious most of the time. Each of her books are encounters of life stories from Chelsea's point of view...although you do find yourself at times asking "wait did this REALLY happen?!"

Handler's first book does not disappoint. You can hear Chelsea's voice clearly through the stories. All the stories some up the title; it's about Chelsea's sex life in the earlier years of her life.

Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea. Is My favorite book of the three. Chelsea brings the laughs through her crazy stories about her life. Try not to read the book in public, it tends to make people think you are crazy when you burst into laughter; out of nowhere.

The most recent of the books and probably the book fans can relate to more, in the sense that it has the most recent stories. Meaning they correspond to the Chelsea we know now. Some stories are from the past but most are in the present. Personally, I think the book fell short... compared to her second book, but was not horrible.

Overall, Chelsea Handler really makes you smile and laugh, overall Happy. The books are great light reads and make great gifts for anyone.

Currently Reading: Twenties Girl By Sophie Kinsella

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If I Die Young...

The Lovely Bones was another one of those books, that I had heard about but didn't get to reading until they were making a movie out of it... and Trust me, there will be more cases like this one. I cannot say I loved this book, but I can't say I hated it either.. and it wasn't just okay. It was a breath of fresh air. Which May be a weird way to describe it.

The Lovely Bones is set in the early 70's when 14 year old Susie Salmon is raped and murdered on her way home from school, by her neighbor. The book follows Susie and her families life after she is murdered. We see how over the years the tragedy of losing a child and never knowing the answers, tears this family apart. We see a father go nearly insane over trying to find his daughters killer, a mother who has turned cold inside, a sister who has to live her life in Susie's shoes and always be known as "the sister to the girl who was murdered", and a younger brother who doesn't know what think cause well he was too young to fully understand. We see the friends of Susie cope and try to move on and a detective who cannot seem to let go of the case, despite the lack of evidence. And as all this is going on, 14 year old Susie is looking down on them all, over the years while she is in the "in- between".What I like the most about the book is, we also see her killers point of view. His mind set and his life stories that led him to be the person he has become.

I think I took this book to heart, mainly because it deals with the tragedy that happens around us in this world on a daily basis. This quote from the book says it best.
Because horror on Earth is real and it is everyday. It is like a flower or like the sun; it cannot be contained. -The Lovely Bones, Pg.186

Read the book. See The Movie. Take It To Heart. Cause I most definitely did... Although the movie isn't as good as the book (but rarely it ever is).

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I cannot believe I had neglected to read this book for over a year. Being pushed aside by all the other newer shinier books.. but oh, was this book a gem. I bought it at a nice used book store in Campbell,Ca and I am now more than overjoyed to say I have read it and you should too!

The book is set in England in the late 50's. Max Raphael has justed moved his family to his new job where he will be a deputy superintendent to the criminally insane. Max has a beautiful and intriguing wife Stella... who has grown bored with there marriage. So she begins a love affair with one of the hospitals patients Edgar Stark.

Need I say more?! Does that not make you want to read this book?! This is one of those books that I just could NOT put down and couldn't wait to find out how it ended. The book wastes no time getting to the point; you find the first 150 pages to be a crazy whirlwind and you don't know exactly whats going to happen.. for about 50 pages in the middle the book cools down and kind of makes you think " really that is all?".. but don't stop! I promise those last 100 pages or so will make your head spin. It's hard to place this book in a category it's not exactly a horror story and it's not really a psychological thriller. It's more a forensic psychology love story. There are very few books that I want to see turned into a movie and this one of them. Although it is in ways similar to Shutter Island.... it is also SO much different. I do warn though that the book is not for the faint of heart... for there are plenty of sexual encounters and graphic descriptions of crime. The book is excellently written and is told from the view of a fellow friend a psychiatrist to both Stella and Max.Which gives the book that extra umph of originality. Being that my major is forensic psychology.. the book may have intrigued me more than others... but I promise any avid reader would enjoy this book. It really is in it's own element.

What's Next?

My next book is "Twenties Girl" by Sophie Kinsella, honestly I only bought the book cause the title intrigued me. I love the 1920's and from what I got from the summer this is a modern take on a girl who lives her life like she lives in the '20's but I could be wrong. My feelings are mixed on how excited I am about reading this book. It may be because I went from reading a truly enthralling book to another "easy read" chick-lit book. So hopefully it does not disappoint.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Sisters Keeper...No Clever Title This Time

I heard about My Sisters Keeper in high school when one of my friends had choosen to do the book for a book report. When she described the storyline to me, I instantly knew this was a book I'd like to read.. yet, it fell out of my mind shortly after. Than a year or so later; there was buzz about the book being made into a movie. So, being me I had to read the book before the movie came out (by the way I hate when I watch a movie and than later find out it was based on a book, because I like to read the book first) and boy, I am happy I read the book first!

The concept of the book is about a family who has one son and one daughter, and are living happily until there daughter is diagnosed with Leukemia. In order to save there daughters life they conceive another child to use here umbilical cord blood. This works for a while, until Kate relapses and Anna is needed again. This becomes an ongoing process. Now Anna is thirteen and her sister Kate's condition is getting worse, Anna is expected to give help her sister out, this time involving a major surgery. This is when Anna makes a daring choice. Anna hires a lawyer to have the rights to her own body, so she is basically suing her parents.

Her whole life Anna has not been able to be a normal child, because she has been expected to be there for Kate. She feels like the odd man out because she was purely conceived to save Kate, not because her parents wanted another child. Since Kate got diagnosed the family focused on Kate and Kate's needs. So, it wasn't only Anna who felt left out, their eldest son Jesse, felt invisible as well. Leading to a life of drugs,alcohol and crime.

This decision pulls the family apart. Jesse understands why his sister is doing what she is doing and surprisingly so does her sister Kate. Who doesn't understand is their mother,Sara. Sara grows to resent Anna and eventually fights her in court justifying why she has done what she has done. The kids dad and Sara's husband Brian's relationship, also becomes strained when he questions what he and Sara did. Wanting to give Anna the love and support she needs without, throwing his love for his wife and Kate away either.

The whole story is told in chapters, but each chapter is a different characters perspective, memories and feelings. The book is truly original, engaging and heart wrenching. It made you think! What would you do? Was it right for them to do what they had done? Was Anna being selfish or was she justified? Personally, I understand why the parents did what they did by conceiving Anna, however.. I do not think they were right to use her as their personal medical miracle. To expect that out of her was wrong on so many levels, and I truly grew to hate the mother the most, cause although she thought she was doing what was best for her daughter, she was being selfish and tore that family apart. As for Anna, that wasn't an easy decision for her to have made, but I feel she was justified in her choice. I loved the book and would absolutely suggest to everyone to go and read it. The ending is what will get you the most and what will bring the story full circle in my opinion.

As for the movie... I was utterly disappointed. That movie did not deserve the title of "My Sisters Keeper" for it was loosely based on the book. Had I not have read the book before hand and had to book not have been a widely known and loved book, the movie probably would have been alright. I wasn't happy with some of the changes, but I shrugged it off.. until the end. The ending of the book is the most pivotal, part of the whole story. It is what i think made the book so well received and the writer,director whoever...changed the ending in the movie! This wasn't even a slight change this was a completely different ending. This enraged me, still enrages me that, they would take a beloved book, make a movie out of it and really only use the books title. Very Disappointing. Go read the book, but skip the movie.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh Dear...

I feel this book as well as it movie really failed to please me.. the expectations exceeded what they delivered. Now for the book.... I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it; I didn't dislike it, but I didn't like it either. It was OK. I was really excited to read "Dear John" because I thought I could relate to it being as my Fiancé was a Marine and we spent the 1st 7 months of our relationship, mailing letters to each other. Like in the book.. However, I found myself not really connecting to the book; the book has twists that I think usually make a book great and different. Just for me it didn't work, I was expecting one thing and didn't get it. Especially because the author is Nicholas Sparks, author of famous love stories and movies "A Walk to Remember" and "The Notebook". Although in ways these books and this book has similarities the love connection wasn't enough.

The Book has a pretty simple plot. A Soldier named John is on leave and visiting his father back in their small southern town. While on leave John meets Savannah and after a few short days they fall in love and decide to keep their relationship going through letters to each other. Trouble ensues when Johns contract is over and he is suppose to come back to the states and live his life with Savannah, than Sept. 11th happens and John re-enlists. Another year of a relationship through letters, becomes straining. Will they survive it?

I have met plenty of people who loved the book and loved the movie, but for me it just didn't hit the mark and would not be a book I would immediately think of when recommending books to others. I am curious the people who have read the book...did you enjoy it, or do you feel the same as me?

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mhmm... Candy!

The past months I have been reading a lot of "chick-lit" or also "Easy Reads" as I call them... which means a book that is enjoyable but isn't anything new. To be honest I wasn't really interested on reading Lauren Conrad's series that was basically a mirror of her life. She "wrote" what she knew... and I say wrote cause I'm almost sure she used a ghost writer for the book. If you have ever watched MTV's Laguna Beach or The Hills. Than you will know Lauren Conrad is, if not.. basically she is/was the Star of those two reality shows following her life. L.A. Candy is basically based on The Hills. Four girls living in the life in the city.

I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the book. I think I enjoyed the book for the fact that the whole time I was trying to decide who the characters were based off of in real life.. Like Jane is obviously Lauren. Could Scarlett be Audrina?! They seem to have that edgy vibe, but in the book they say the girls went to High School together... So Heidi or Lo.. but that doesn't fit either. Maybe Madison is Heidi... all fake and bitchy.. and Gaby is Stephanie? WHO KNOWS.. Well Lauren does... It made the book more intriguing especially when you got a more behind the scenes feel to the reality TV life-style. Jane is a like-able character who you really root for and Scarlett is easily as like-able but adds a little more spice to things. The book is a little "slow" in the sense that this really is just an introductory, to the real drama I'm sure is to come with that little cliff hanger of an ending.

Over all I liked the book. It was entertaining enough, decently written, but not New York Bestsellers material in my opinion (and Yes, I am aware it was). Although I purchased it (it's a weird thing I have) I'd recommend getting it from the library. Needless to say after I go through my long list of must reads... I will definitely read the second and third books of the series.. "Sweet Little Lies" and "Sugar and Spice"

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Eat, Pray, Love

I have finally finished this book! My goal was to finish the book before the movie came out but I missed this goal by 5 days... Oh, Where to begin?! By now I'm sure most people (mainly women) have already read this book or if not have gone and seen the movie or both. Either way here is my opinion (because it matters OH SO much) I truly enjoyed the book. Mainly, because even though there was a 15 year age difference. I feel like I have been there... I could relate to her (even if there were a few rude remarks against Republicans). I have been that depressed, I have felt that yearning, to want to be free and to want to explore, and to feel loved, not only by yourself but by someone other than your family. I get it! I could relate to her take on religion and especially God. I found myself almost feeling cleansed, as I read about her experiences. It's almost like my bible to happiness.

For those of you who don't know the book is about a woman Elizabeth Gilbert aka the author. Who after going through a divorce decides to pack up her whole life and live in three different countries. Italy, India and Indonesia. In each of these country she learns to experience new things and to really live her life by Eating, Praying and Loving.. which really brings the title full circle. The concept of how she wrote the book is clever as well and I like how you almost forget that the person in the book is a real person (again, it's the author).. I like that it gives me and other woman hope that they can REALLY have this fairytale.

I would definitely recommend this book to other people.. and I think it also makes a great gift. I am looking forward to seeing the movie and hoping that it doesn't disappoint. Also, I think I'm going to have to go on Amazon and Wish List her other book (which is basically a sequel) "Committed". I have seen the book before but have just passed it by and although I loved this book.. I wasn't really thinking about going out and getting "Committed" but now that I know it continues the authors story of her life after her trips to The Three "I's".. I cannot wait to scoop it up.

What's Next?
The book I plan to read next is a book I bought over a year ago at a thrift store and have been meaning to read it but kept putting it to the bottom of my reading list (which is LONG). So, I finally said "Screw it, it's now or never". It seems to be a short read (but who knows) The book is called "Asylum" by Patrick McGrath.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

OH Emily Giffin

I have always been interested in Emily Giffin's books, with pretty pastel colors and catchy titles... yet I Never purchased the book.. (I really don't know why either) Than for Christmas my Fiance got me, Something Borrowed.. and the rest is history... Before I go into details of the books I have read.. I should say that I mainly fell in love with these books, because each character is relate-able on some level..and their situations are something almost every women can understand. I WARN that I will try not to GIVE to much away and my quickie summaries will not do any justice, until you read the book..

Something Borrowed is about a Manhattan Lawyer Rachel and her over the top friend Darcy. Rachel is down to earth low key average girl.. who's best friends with Darcy. Darcy is the "it" girl the girl who all the cool fun stuff happens to. The girl most girls envy.They have been best friends since Elementary school and Rachel has put up with Darcy's Diva Tendencies but that is about to change.... Darcy is engaged to Dex.
Dex is a also a lawyer, who went to Law school with Rachel.. So,the obvious... she introduced Dex and Darcy and it was love. Than one drunken night after Rachel's thirtieth birthday... Rachel and Dex share a cab... and one thing leads to another.... The Book deals with the issue, that Dex and Rachel are madly in love.. yet, Dex and Darcy are still engaged and Rachel is the Maid of honor. There are many twist a turns.. that paints Darcy as this uber bitch and you fins yourself rooting for Rachel.. to continuing her relationship with Dex. It is an interesting and thought provoking book.. and basically questions your own morals.

Something Blue is the Sequel to Something Borrowed and it follows Darcy and her view as the victim of her ex-fiance and ex-best friends love affair. In Something Borrowed we see Darcy as a stuck up bitch and I thought it would be really hard to get past that... but eventually you see a different side of Darcy. Something Blue follows a pregnant and scorned Darcy to England where she stays with her friend Ethan (a friend Rachel visit in Something Borrowed). Darcy leaves for England with the idea of starting this new life and marrying this lovely English man and living the sophisticated European life. Overall the trip becomes much more than Darcy expected and she ends up finding exactly what she needs..

Baby Proof follows Claudia and her husband Ben. Claudia always knew she didn't want to have kids and had trouble finding a mate that didn't want children either... So, Claudia is thrilled when she meets Ben a man who shares the same feelings for not having kids as she does. However, This all changes when their friends have a baby and Ben's feelings change. This sends Claudia's life in a whirlwind... have a baby she doesn't want, with the man she loves or lose the man she loves cause he wants to have a baby.

Ellen is a woman from the working town of Pittsburgh. After her mother dies, she is ready to go off the college. In college her roommate is Margot Graham, a wealthy Georgian debutante. Through the years Margot and Ellen become more like sisters than best friends... So Margot has seen Ellen, through the good times and the bad times. Especially during Ellen's Up and Down relationship with Leo. After her and Leo break things off, Ellen eventually moves on, marries Andy (Margot's Brother) and is a successful photographer. This all changes when she runs into Leo on rainy day walking. Ellen ends up struggling with temptation, loyalty to her husband, to her best friend/sister-in-law and the whole Graham family, she struggles with the newer move and fitting into the Graham life. Who does she really love Leo or Andy?

Overall. I am a huge fan of Emily Giffin's writing although 90% of the book leads up to the real drama and only 10% of the book is the actually drama. They're still a great read. I also loves how the author brings characters from other books into the next books. All being brought it very cleverly and briefly. I recommend these four books and cannot WAIT to read her 5th book "Heart of the Matter".

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So Many Books... So Little Time

Where to begin with these books? I have read a great number of books in my time.. So, I don't know really where to begin cause I basically want to give them all reviews.. As I have said before I am a Series Fan. So, I shall begin with my favorite series.. but I will only talk about them as a least for now..

The Series, that really sparked my LOVE for reading is really I think a series but kids,teens, and adults have come to Love. Harry Potter. The Harry Potter series was such a life changing series for me. In the sense that I never get tired of reading these books over and over and over again. The create the most vivid images in my mind, they have always made me feel like an unnamed character in the book who is right there beside Harry,Ron and Hermione during there adventures and as a child. I think this is the best way to read, because reading no longer feels dreadful, it no longer feels like homework. It becomes fun and real and you never want it to stop. If J.K Rowling continued to write more books to the series I would most definitely keep reading. (and I'm normally not a fan of series overstaying their welcome). The movies are nice but the books are a million times better.

The Other series that reluctantly caught my heart was the Twilight Saga. I Know.. I Know... but I found myself stuck in bed, turning page after page and finishing the whole series in less than a week. Which is really quick for me. I will admit, it's not as WELL written as some other books, but Stephenie Meyers wasn't a writer when she began the Saga. My favorite books of the series were New Moon and Eclipse. I guess the only reason why is for the fact that these books both invoked so much feeling and passion from me. I also enjoyed The Second Short Life Of Bree Tanner which Stephenie Meyer wrote to explain the view point of one of the newborns in Eclipse, for being a short story, it really intrigued me. I thought it would be a quick mindless read... but I found myself thoroughly enjoying it.

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Monday, July 19, 2010


Ah Yes.. my fourth blog. To Compliment My Many personalities and interests. = )

While Lying in bed last night, I decided that I should write a legitimate blog on the books I'm reading and the books I have read. I give brief opinions on my personal blog, but I love books SO much that I feel I should give them proper reviews. Now, I don't consider myself an "intelligent" reader as in I do not read many though provoking books, but none the less.. I read.

I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with reading; how hard it is for me to only leave with 3 books at a bookstore when I want to leave with 100. Bookstores are a candy store to me, I could spend hours in them. I also prefer buying my books.. mainly cause I want the option to read them again and I want to show them off to whomever visits my home. I believe books are almost always better than the movie and I try to read the books before the movie comes out. I love many kinds of books, but I find that I am a series girl.

This Blog will talk about the books, I'm reading,and the books I've read.. Trust Me, I have A LOT of books to catch you all up on. = )

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