Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NY Times Notable Reads of 2012

You guys New York Times Just Released Their Notable Reads for 2012. They have there "adult" section which is just split into Fiction and Non Fiction and then they have have their Children's section... which is split into Young Adult, Middle Grade and Picture Books.

After getting over the fact that Young Adult was in the "childrens" section.. Which yes, I get! But as a 23 year old who already gets mistaken as a 14 year old (even with my boob size) I would like to not be classified as a child.

Anyways, to the real point of the article. Not only had I only read ONE of the books in the Young Adult Section... that was the only book I had read out of both the Children's List and the Adult List! This makes me feel like a horrible reader and blogger, but not just that.. I only recognized THREE of the titles on the lists as a whole.. literally makes me shake my head..

Did you guys do any better than me?  Adult List Here , Children's List Here .

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  1. They do not have cover images :( It is so hard to recognize books without them.
    From adult list I recognize 0 books... And from children's list: Read: 'Bitterblue" and recognized 5 more.
    Not much better than you. :D