Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: My Bookish Bucket List

1. Attend BEA
Oh Yes.. I would LOVE to attend BEA and expierience all that bookish glory. BUT not just bookish glory.. BLOGGER glory too! To meet other bloggers in person and establish real relationships! 

2. Meet John Green
I have been lucky enough to be in the presence of John Green before... at LTFOB 2 years ago. BUT I didn't posses any John Green books at the time. Now he is back again and I am attending his panel and what I HOPE to be his book signing afterwards. So hopefully this will be checked off my list soon!

3. Wizarding World of Harry Potter
I would love to go and emerge myself in what HAS to be epicness. However, it is currently only in Florida. They are however making one in Universal Studios Hollywood and I cannot WAIT because I live in extremely close quarters to Universal Studios.

4. Get More Followers
This seems superficial and I LOVE all 130 of you, But after doing this for close to 4 years now. It makes me wonder what the point of it is. I started doing this for FUN. When nobody read this and that was fine. So, with nobody reading it, I didn't have pressure. To blog regularly, to read books I was sent before their pub date and to basically do whatever. Not that I can't now, but I feel a responsibility to do these things... however, if I don't a following who cares? Why stress over it? Why feel committed? I am moving onto other things like Youtube Channels and I am wondering really if I should stay or should I go. So... if I can't get at least 1,000 followers or consistent comments/dialogue on here. I think I will be hanging up the blogger hat. 

5. Recieve a fancy ARC box from a publisher
Again, getting superficial. But this is my bucket list. I am allowed to be a little superficial. I am BLESSED with being given the opportunity to read a  lot of ARCs before, whether it be from NetGalley, Authors and some Publishers and I LOVE that. But it would be cool to get one that has all the pretty paper and notes and swag with it.. at least just once!

6. To Read All The Classics on My Shelf
I own a lot of them and they are nice and pretty and HUGE and tend to be bypassed for the newer and shinier books. So, before I die. I did to read them. 

7. To Write a Book
I addressed this in the Ultimate Book TAG video. I am NOT  a writer by any means. I try to put dialogue on paper, so to speak and it all goes to shit... but I have LOTS of ideas. So, I would probably need a ghost writer to take my ideas and make them literarily acceptable

8. Meet J.K. Rowling
DUH.  Does this even need an explanation?

9. Have My Own Library
I mean adding books to my shelf is basically slowly turning my home into a library, but one day I will have a room with glamourous built in shelves.. covered wall to wall with books = ) Even a sliding ladder. 

10. Donate to Libraries
Libraries and under funded and sometimes under utilized. Especially, with those evils electronic reading devices. So, I want to donate to be financially stable enough to constantly donate and support libraries. =)

That is all I can think of... but I am sure there are way more! Like Meeting Authors in general! 


  1. #10 is great. I'd love to do that too, spend the money I usually spend on buying books on something like this. :)

  2. I put have my own library on my list too =D Great list Kelsey. I'm a new GFC follower
    Here's my list

  3. #4 is the same for me. I seriously need to find out what I need to do/change to get more followers. I'd love to have my own library as well. A really big one in a house where I can just escape.

    My TTT: http://www.bookythoughtsandme.com/top-ten-things-bookish-bucket-list/

  4. Meeting John Green and JK Rowling are definitely on my list too!! I also HAVE to go to the Harry Potter Wizarding World. I wish I would have remembered that for my list! I follow you... so I hope you continue blogging. I got a lot of my followers through giveaway hops and from commenting like crazy on other people's blogs... if that helps any.

    Thanks for stopping by My TTT

  5. I definitely agree with #1,4, & 5! I'm coming up on 4 years as well!

    Here's My TTT

  6. I really want to meet J,K. Rowling as well! And go to BEA and the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. And meeting John Green would be completely awesome- he really does seem like an interesting person.

  7. Ooh yes #1, 3, 8, and 9 would all be absolute dreams come true for me!! I can't even put into words how happy they would make me. Hopefully we can make them happen (well, maybe besides meeting J.K. Rowling because, well, it's highly unlikely sadly). Writing a novel isn't a personal goal of mine, but I think it's so great that it's one of yours!!

  8. I almost put Publisher arc package on my list. Then went with something else. Still, I am with you on hoping to get one one day.
    My TTT

  9. I have made it to the Wizarding World of HP, and yes it is worth it! Of course now they're building more to it by adding Diagon Alley, so of course I want to go back! And I'm sure once they finally do open it in California I'll wind up there as well!

  10. I really need to start donating more to libraries. I've been to WWHP and it was so much fun, but the Butterbeer wasn't quite what I expected. I like the Starbucks version better ;) I love that this was a Top Ten Tuesday - I hope you come by and link it up to the Original Bookish Bucket List, too!