Saturday, June 14, 2014

So Long, Farewell.... I'm Quitting.



If you have been following me on twitter or read  a few of my past posts, this may not surprise you.

I have been feeling this in my bones, for awhile. I have wanted to continue SO bad, I didn't want to just quit and I'm not quite fully, but like I said it just doesn't feel right anymore.

First off, I have been overwhelmingly busy with other life things, some great, but as of lately mostly bad.  So, all of that mess just kept keeping me from doing my blog to the best of my ability.

Second, The final straw.  My domain name. is no longer mine and not by any fault of my own. I tried REALLY hard to renew the 10$ fee but Google+ likes to make it the most impossible thing ever!

And the main emotional reasons why.

When I started blogging, it was just for me and whoever stumbled upon it. Then I discovered this community and I wanted to belong and I wanted my blog to grow and I wanted to be apart of this whole crazy community and life-style.

And that never really happened.
I tried, I really did.
I did everything they tell you to increase viewers and I followed, commented and engaged in conversations with other bloggers and still nothing. No solid connections were made. I really wanted those connections. That isn't saying I haven't met great people who I enjoy talking to, because I have.

So after close to 4 years of attempting this life-style. I am done.

I will still post on my blog.
But I am going over to Booktube. It is just easier for me at the moment.

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