Thursday, July 26, 2012



Some of you may have noticed, but I haven't blogged a lot this month and I am sorry. Towards the end of June I became very busy with family members on my side and my husbands visiting and then having to travel to Northern California for a friends Grad. party. I became behind on my reading, then add an unexpected busy July.. going back up North for 4th of July, running a 5k, getting busier at work, a friend from school passing away (at a WAY too young age) and again, family members visiting on both sides and ending the month with another trip up North for my Grandpa's 85th birthday. I just haven't been able to maintain my blog this month. However, I have so far been able to catch up pretty well and hopefully August will be filled with tons of posts. Thank you for your understanding and I hope you all are everything a great summer.. or winter.. for some.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your friend. You have been busy! Good luck with catching up x