Friday, July 20, 2012

Princess Diaries Books 2 & 3

I read Princess Diaries about a month ago, and was not really impressed. However, since this is a beloved and talked about series and I adore Meg Cabot.. I wanted to still read the rest of the series. As of right now, I am not upset with this decision. 

Princess in the Spotlight deals mainly with Mia finding out her Mom is pregnant, Grandmere wanting to plan a huge wedding and Mia having a secret admirer. As well as, getting used to being in the spotlight. Although, I knew the book and the movies were different from reading book 1. Princess in the Spotlight definitely proved that minus taking certain things from the books and making a movie plot line out of them. They really are completely different and should not be compared. Which for me is hard to do! Overall, Princess in the Spotlight was ok. You begin to see Mia somewhat mature, but not too much yet, at times I found her political whining annoying but I could get over it. Lily, however pisses me off and is a HORRIBLE friend in this book, and in general.. I really don't know why Mia is friends with her at all. If I hadn't already checked out Princess In Love, I may have considered ending my attempt at reading the series though. Since The plot in this book wasn't really much.. (although though most likely crucially to the building up of the series story) I just felt let down, since I was hoping for a rebound from the first book.

Which brings us to Princess in Love and I LOVED it. It was great to see Mia blossom into her royal duties and start to embrace herself more. She was still dorky, but making progress. I think I loved this book so much though because of Michael Moschivitz though. He is just the perfect geeky,charming love interest for Mia and the way the book ended was perfect. Lily was mildy less annoying in the book, but I think that is because she played less of a roll. Who I really began to adore as a character was Tina. I really want to see Tina become Mia's best friend. Since she can really understand what Mia is going through and not be self- absorbed like Lily is. 

So Far, the series has redeemed it self with me, but I personally do not think it is Cabot best work. 

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  1. I think back when I read them I got as far as book 3. Although it's been so long, that could be completely wrong. And I would love to go back and reread the entire series at some point.