Friday, September 21, 2012

Scarlett Fever (Book 2)

"Ever since Mrs. Amberson, the former-aspiring-actress-turned-agent, entered Scarlett Martin's life, nothing has been the same. 
She's still in charge of the Empire Suite in her family's hotel, but she's now also Mrs. Amberson's assistant, running around town for her star client, Chelsea - a Broadway star Scarlett's age with a knack for making her feel insignificant. 

Scarlett's also trying to juggle sophomore year classes, her lab partner who is being just a little TOO nice, and getting over the boy who broke her heart. 
In the midst of all this, her parents drop a bombshell that threatens to change her New York life forever..."
Plot: Johnson did a great job of really picking up the story where it ended in Suite Scarlett. Give or take a few months. Johnson took me right back to Scarlett's New York and all the feelings I had when I read the first book flooded back to me. I enjoyed watching Scarlett juggle her job, family, school and love life. Johnson did a good job creating interesting plot lines while being simple.

Characters: The characters pretty much stayed the same, although it was nice to get to know Scarlett's sisters Lola and Marlene better and the addition of Max into the mix. Although, honestly I didn't like him.

Final Thoughts: I did enjoy Scarlett Fever, however towards the end I was disappointed especially with Max and Scarlett's relationship. I felt no romantic connection between them, although I know there could of been. I do hope however, that there will be a 3rd book in the series. I enjoy this series and find it oddly refreshing.

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