Wednesday, December 4, 2013

As the Holiday's Approach and The Year Ends...

I think I have written a similar post a few times this year.. and every time I meant it. This year as been SO crazy busy for me, with my Mom and I's company launching, traveling a lot, family weddings, and starting my own new ventures...  with all of that my book blog has become neglected. I am sorry for that. Really I am.

I will post of few more reviews this month, but don't plan to be active much in December. This doesn't mean I am done blogging. In fact, I plan to start the new year better than ever. I have had a full year of crazy schedules, and I suspect my next few years will only get crazier... but I have begun to adapt and form a schedule... I have also turned to Youtube, as a source for becoming a better and more interactive book blogger. So thank you for being patient with me = )

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