Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Rewind

It is almost 2014! Man, did this year go by fast! I was hoping to accomplish a lot on my blog this year. Unfortunately, that was not the case. As I have said multiple times this year, I failed. My life schedule was so different and more hectic than I am use to that I could not get time in to be a good book blogger.

My Goals for 2014 are to...

- Get up earlier ( to work out and to get reading in)
- Update My Blog More Often
- Not only to post consistantly but to schedule post WAY in advance
- Improve my Youtube Channel
- Work on my Fundraiser (this involves my company as well)
- Go to my Author Events
- Be a better blog reader (i.e read,comment and share other bloggers posts more)
- Read 115 Books.

As you can see I didn't make this years goal and I missed last years by ONE book (99 out of 100)! I felt 125 was a good goal since I read at a fast and consistent pace in 2012. Unfortunately, I got no where near my goal this year and I feel 115 for 2014 is still an achievement, even if I am not setting a higher goal than the previous one. 
58 is the total I read this year and I think you can see all but one or two in the links at the upper left corner. 

My Favorite Book This Year: TIE Princess Forever By Meg Cabot and Paper Towns By John Green
My Favorite 2013 Release : The Truth About You & Me By Amanda Grace
Book That Made Me Cry The Most: Catching Fire By Suzanne Collins
Book That Surprised Me: Nantucket Blue By Leila Howard
Book That Wasted My Time: FlyGirl By Syd Blue
Book That I Hated The Most: Mockingjay By Suzanne Collins
Book That Let Me Down: The Diviners By Libba Bray
Favorite Series: Bloodlines Series By Richelle Mead

Anyways. Thank you VERY much to  all those people who continue to still read my blog, who comment, subscribe and interact with me. It means SO much to me. Thank You and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. 58 books?? That's fantastic seeing as how this was the year your business was getting off the ground. I think I read maybe 5? I've been working on the last Divergent book since its release. Not good! I'd be proud of your 58 :)