Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's Called Booktube?!

I am on Youtube.
I have been on Youtube with my The Lost Book Reports channel for awhile now and have started to do more videos. However... I have just discovered that the book community calls it BookTube!

With that being said.. I want to subscribe to more Booktubers. Who else is on youtube and what channels do you recommend?!

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  1. Ah, I love booktube, must head over and give you a subscribe :) I actually have a whole post on my favourite booktubers if you want to look at that here:

    Peruse Project

    Those are my all time favourites!

  2. There is a channel that specifically rallys up the booktubers and sometimes tweets/retweets booktubers videos
    or you can see who's chatting on twitter #booktuber #booktubers
    I always do a search on youtube for book haul and sort by newest videos to see who's out there and then subscribe to the channel. Or you can search book review, book discussions etc

  3. I'm watching all your videos now. You've made me want to reread The Book Thief. I may have been too young to really appreciate it because I don't remember much about it at all now... haha