Thursday, July 29, 2010

OH Emily Giffin

I have always been interested in Emily Giffin's books, with pretty pastel colors and catchy titles... yet I Never purchased the book.. (I really don't know why either) Than for Christmas my Fiance got me, Something Borrowed.. and the rest is history... Before I go into details of the books I have read.. I should say that I mainly fell in love with these books, because each character is relate-able on some level..and their situations are something almost every women can understand. I WARN that I will try not to GIVE to much away and my quickie summaries will not do any justice, until you read the book..

Something Borrowed is about a Manhattan Lawyer Rachel and her over the top friend Darcy. Rachel is down to earth low key average girl.. who's best friends with Darcy. Darcy is the "it" girl the girl who all the cool fun stuff happens to. The girl most girls envy.They have been best friends since Elementary school and Rachel has put up with Darcy's Diva Tendencies but that is about to change.... Darcy is engaged to Dex.
Dex is a also a lawyer, who went to Law school with Rachel.. So,the obvious... she introduced Dex and Darcy and it was love. Than one drunken night after Rachel's thirtieth birthday... Rachel and Dex share a cab... and one thing leads to another.... The Book deals with the issue, that Dex and Rachel are madly in love.. yet, Dex and Darcy are still engaged and Rachel is the Maid of honor. There are many twist a turns.. that paints Darcy as this uber bitch and you fins yourself rooting for Rachel.. to continuing her relationship with Dex. It is an interesting and thought provoking book.. and basically questions your own morals.

Something Blue is the Sequel to Something Borrowed and it follows Darcy and her view as the victim of her ex-fiance and ex-best friends love affair. In Something Borrowed we see Darcy as a stuck up bitch and I thought it would be really hard to get past that... but eventually you see a different side of Darcy. Something Blue follows a pregnant and scorned Darcy to England where she stays with her friend Ethan (a friend Rachel visit in Something Borrowed). Darcy leaves for England with the idea of starting this new life and marrying this lovely English man and living the sophisticated European life. Overall the trip becomes much more than Darcy expected and she ends up finding exactly what she needs..

Baby Proof follows Claudia and her husband Ben. Claudia always knew she didn't want to have kids and had trouble finding a mate that didn't want children either... So, Claudia is thrilled when she meets Ben a man who shares the same feelings for not having kids as she does. However, This all changes when their friends have a baby and Ben's feelings change. This sends Claudia's life in a whirlwind... have a baby she doesn't want, with the man she loves or lose the man she loves cause he wants to have a baby.

Ellen is a woman from the working town of Pittsburgh. After her mother dies, she is ready to go off the college. In college her roommate is Margot Graham, a wealthy Georgian debutante. Through the years Margot and Ellen become more like sisters than best friends... So Margot has seen Ellen, through the good times and the bad times. Especially during Ellen's Up and Down relationship with Leo. After her and Leo break things off, Ellen eventually moves on, marries Andy (Margot's Brother) and is a successful photographer. This all changes when she runs into Leo on rainy day walking. Ellen ends up struggling with temptation, loyalty to her husband, to her best friend/sister-in-law and the whole Graham family, she struggles with the newer move and fitting into the Graham life. Who does she really love Leo or Andy?

Overall. I am a huge fan of Emily Giffin's writing although 90% of the book leads up to the real drama and only 10% of the book is the actually drama. They're still a great read. I also loves how the author brings characters from other books into the next books. All being brought it very cleverly and briefly. I recommend these four books and cannot WAIT to read her 5th book "Heart of the Matter".

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