Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So Many Books... So Little Time

Where to begin with these books? I have read a great number of books in my time.. So, I don't know really where to begin cause I basically want to give them all reviews.. As I have said before I am a Series Fan. So, I shall begin with my favorite series.. but I will only talk about them as a least for now..

The Series, that really sparked my LOVE for reading is really I think a series but kids,teens, and adults have come to Love. Harry Potter. The Harry Potter series was such a life changing series for me. In the sense that I never get tired of reading these books over and over and over again. The create the most vivid images in my mind, they have always made me feel like an unnamed character in the book who is right there beside Harry,Ron and Hermione during there adventures and as a child. I think this is the best way to read, because reading no longer feels dreadful, it no longer feels like homework. It becomes fun and real and you never want it to stop. If J.K Rowling continued to write more books to the series I would most definitely keep reading. (and I'm normally not a fan of series overstaying their welcome). The movies are nice but the books are a million times better.

The Other series that reluctantly caught my heart was the Twilight Saga. I Know.. I Know... but I found myself stuck in bed, turning page after page and finishing the whole series in less than a week. Which is really quick for me. I will admit, it's not as WELL written as some other books, but Stephenie Meyers wasn't a writer when she began the Saga. My favorite books of the series were New Moon and Eclipse. I guess the only reason why is for the fact that these books both invoked so much feeling and passion from me. I also enjoyed The Second Short Life Of Bree Tanner which Stephenie Meyer wrote to explain the view point of one of the newborns in Eclipse, for being a short story, it really intrigued me. I thought it would be a quick mindless read... but I found myself thoroughly enjoying it.

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