Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dirty Sexy Politics

This is the first time I listened to a book, and not read one. As much as I love to read books and prefer the book over Audiobooks and Kindles. I simply don't have money to always be buying books. So, when My mom got the new Nano and asked me to purchase some books, I took this opportunity to purchase Meghan McCain's Book. I was interested in reading this for several reasons.... one being that I am a moderate republican like, Meghan and the two being I voted for McCain and Palin...

The book, is basically about Meghan's life on her fathers campaign. I'm going to be honest, I expected more from the book. It is nothing too entertaining, except that you get to see what life on a campaign is really like. Although, I was not thrilled by this book.. I did enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone... even if you are not a McCain fan. Personally I really like Meghan, she is honest and is exactly the advocate the Republican party needs. Go pick the book up or download the audiobook...which is narrated by Meghan McCain, who has a great voice to listen to.

Currently Reading: Death of A Salesman By Arthur Miller

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