Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pretty Girls and Deathly Fun Times

Pretty Little Devils is a mix between mean girls and a horror movie. The book is about a girl names Hazel who isn't your typical outcast; she is pretty, she has nice clothes but she isn't in the " in-crowd". Desperately, Hazel wants to be apart of the schools group of "it" girls, known as the The Pretty Little Devils. The one day Hazel is asked to join the group and then the drama begins. The Pretty Little Devils... are just that. They use the houses of their babysitting clients as their homes to throw their famous parties and they are known for hazing. All is fun and games until someone jealousy turns into murder.

The book is a great book, not hard to read and nothing special but definitely intriguing. The ending to the book is definitely surprising and actually I remember when I finished reading, it was hard for me to go to sleep after. If you are middle school, high school age I would recommend the book. Otherwise, you might feel you have wasted your time.

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