Thursday, May 10, 2012

By Invitation Only

"Toni Fratelli has a busy summer ahead. 
After several setbacks in Manhattan force her to move home to East Hampton, her To Do list is full. She has to help her father run his popular Italian restaurant.  Start up her own catering company.  And plan, cater, and be the Maid of Honor at her best friend’s wedding on the beach.
Unfortunately for Toni, the groom’s mother is a competitive New York socialite who’ll stop at nothing to make sure her son doesn’t marry a local girl – especially on the family’s Southampton estate. The biggest caterer in the Hamptons is trying to run her fledgling business out of town.  And worse than anything, Toni seems to be losing her best friend to a circle of snooty bridesmaids.  Everything might be tolerable – if her dad could just stop treating her as if she was seventeen again.
At least Toni finds love.  When she meets a sexy surfer named Chris, it quickly turns into the most romantic summer fling of her life.  But there’s more to Chris than his vintage Mustang and used guitar … and he’s not sure Toni’s going to like the truth.  Before the end of the summer she’ll be forced to face her hopes – and fears – as trying to forgive becomes her biggest challenge yet."
Plot: It's your typical Hamptons Beach Read, there is love, drama and all that fun stuff.

Characters: Thee Main Characters are Layla and Toni. Layla is the easy going party girl, while Toni is the best friend who has to struggle. Both have damaged backrounds that factor into their current lives. My favorite character was DiDi, not because I liked her, but because her character was perfectly written. She oozed Old Money and desperation for her youth.

Pros: Perfect Beach Read

Cons: Some Stuff Could Have Been Editted Out.

Final Thoughts: By Invitation Only was a lot better then I had expected it to be, it truly is a satisfying beach read. I felt like I was really in the Hamptons. I enjoyed how the authors told the stories throughout the days of summer and told the story through alternating points of views. My only complaint it I  felt there were some characters in the book that were given too big a roll, but weren't needed. Granted in a movie, that might have worked. Since they play a part in the end, however I didn't like the ending. It was too rushed. Made to work. I can't explain it, I just didn't like it and then it continued to drag on and I felt other things mentioned in the book were left on finished. However, since I classify this book as a beach read.. I kind of let it slide.

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