Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Sites I Visited That Are Not Book Related

Yes, I like Gossip sites and this is one of my favorites. I prefer over Perez Hilton. However, It is geared toward the younger crowd, so everyone and awhile, I have to go check Perez =/

Probably, the only time I will link my FB on here... I think this is a given, I am pretty much always logged onto FB. It isn't something I NEED in my life, it just sort of becomes apart of it.. 

Another Given.. It is a bloggers main marketing tool really.. and I even use my Blog Twitter more than my personal one.

ADDICTING! I think I have become way more creative and healthy since joining.

I love history and I am obsessed with knowing my ancestry. I think it is a) cool and b) pretty important.. if that one relative and that other relative didn't get together and have that other relative, and so on... uhm we wouldn't be here. So. when I can I do research, which is fun.. time consuming but fun. For Example I found out I am related to Kate Middleton and Prince William and Ellen Degeneres (we are Cousins through sharing the same Great Grandfather. My 16th Great Grandfather To be exact Sir Thomas Fairfax. Or I found out that my 27th Great Grandfather is King Charlemagne. I had relatives who were on the Mayflower, a Great Grandfather Burned at the stake in England for religious persecution. I have traced parts of my tree all the way back to 500 AD! 

And this is where you say, But you are only 22?! I have many weird obsessions and one of them is babies and preparing for my future children. No joke, I have already researched which schools in LA are best. So to curb and fuel this obsession I go onto The Bump. No joke, I look up meaning of names, I love playing around with the Chinese Gender Chart, I even play with the due date calculator, because well I freaking can. So I am aware this one is a little weird.. but I like babies and all that goes with them.

I am not necessarily active on Tumblr, but I do have a Wedding Events Tumblr and a Baby Related Tumblr. That I check frequently and have scheduled photos for everyday.

Kelly Ripa is one of my IDOLS.. and I LOVE her show, even when it was Live With Regis and Kelly. So, I am on this site daily watching Fashion Finder, the web exclusives and all that fun stuff.

Another Idol of mine is my 16th something Cousin Kate Middleton. I adore her, and her style and overall class and this site is THE best site to know what is going on with her. It is always the first to post about Kate and that is great, since in America we only get to info about her, if it is a huge event that is taking place. 

10. Yahoo
Not very exciting, but my e-mail is ALWAYS up and I am constantly checking it and I use it for Yahoo News as well. 


  1. I had no idea you live Duchess Kate too! I guess everyone does, but I an kinda obsessed (in a non creepy way with we and Wills!) I am so going to that site!!!