Saturday, June 16, 2012

Melissa De La Cruz Signing

So, A month or so ago I was suppose to see Melissa De La Cruz at LA Festival of Books but I ended up getting sick and not going.. (same situation as Maggie Stiefvater) Anyways, this week I was looking up signings and discovered that Melissa would be at Barnes and Noble Santa Monica - about an hour away from me depending on traffic. I was stoked that is was only a few days away, but was worried I wouldn't be able to go since Barnes and Noble as a policy that you must purchase the book the author is promoting to attend the signing and only the 1st 200 people get to attend. Being as I am without a personal car and not rolling in the dough.. I wasn't sure how this would happen. Luckily, I have mother who is VERY supportive of my blog, has a car, has money and lives 1 mile away from me. In other words my mom went with me and bought the book for me. I also knew there is usually a limit on the amount of books that could be signed, but I brought all my books by her, just in case.  The event beginning at 7pm, we left at 4:30 expecting Traffic and  a long line.We arrived a 5:15 and after purchasing the book, sitting alone in the conference room, until 6:20, when two other girls arrived. We talked to them and shared our interests in books, etc. This is where we learned also that at all the Barnes and Noble signings they have been too, they have not enforced the purchasing a book rule.  (which is good to know for future signings).

Anyways, a little past 7 Melissa arrived and by then there was about 15 people in attendance (which shocks me!) Melissa began talking about her book and then proceeded into a Q&A which was a little awkward, since I guess no one really had any. So it turned into another chick and I basically asking Melissa Questions.. and surprisingly my mom even asked one! The good thing is Melissa is VERY good at giving long and in depth answers and I really learned A LOT more about her. After the Q&A it was time for the Book Signing.. where I proceeded to make sure I was the last in line.. I mean I brought like 6 books, on top of having Serpent's Kiss. So, I figured since there isn't a lot of us, and I am at the end, this could probably work in my favor and luckily it did! Melissa, complimented my shirt (I wore my Book Blogger one) asked about my blog, which I gave her one of my new Moo Info Cards... I am sure she will lose it haha. and basically was pure joy to talk to, cause she is freaking AWESOME. And Now I have realized I am not good at talking to Authors, this is when I get star struck.. this is when I decided to tell them over and over how much I love their books and why and blah blah blah... She was nice enough to take photos with the three of us who stayed and hung out and she even gave me a hug and said I was So Sweet.   So, now that I am babbling on and on.. here are the photos. (Ignore How Bad I Look)


  1. I can't believe there were so few people at the book signing. I guess I always picture signings as huge events like you'd see in a movie, but I've never actually been to one so I can't really compare.

    1. Oh i mentioned in here cool i was one of the two girls u met oh did u go to the richelle mead book signing a couple of months back?

    2. HI!
      Yes, I remember you and thank you for visiting my blog!
      No, I didn't go because I was getting married the day she was in town.