Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday : Pick Your Own Past Topic

Topic I Picked :  Books I'd Take On A Desert Island

1. The Great Gatsby By F.Scott Fitzgerald -
I know, I know... it is the typical "favorite" book of most readers, but I really do love The Great Gatsby and its timeless writing.

2. Where She Went By  Gayle Forman -
I like If I Stay, but Where She Went is pretty much all focused on Adam and well, I freaking LOVE Adam.

3. The Girl In The Steel Corset By Kady Cross -
Victorian Steampunk, Griffin and Jack Dandy - YUM, Enough Said.

4. Eclipse By Stephenie Meyers - 
I don't care, next to New Moon this book made me SWOON. I will need a lot of swooning if I am stuck on a desert island.

5. Are You There Vodka, It Is Me Chelsea By Chelsea Handler - 
Because, As well as swooning.. I will need humor while stuck on in island and this book packs the punches.

6. Blue Bloods By Melissa De La Cruz - 
I love this whole series and the books just get better as a whole. But Since I only have 10 books to bring, I will just bring Book 1 with me.

7. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire By J.K. Rowling -
Again, hard to choose just ONE book from the series, but I would think this book is one of my favorites for sure.

8. A Great and Terrible Beauty By Libba Bray -
Again, Victorian England, Magic and Boarding School = awesome book!

9. Eat, Pray, Love By Elizabeth Gilbert -
This is book is zen and fun and what I would need, when I start to have a break down on this desert island, cause I am sure this would happen, often.

10. Uncommon Criminals By Ally Carter -
Fun, Witty, YA is a must.


  1. I applaud you for only choosing ten! I could never do this topic. Love that you mentioned HP and Ally Carter!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  2. I love the Gemma Doyle books! Great choice! :)

  3. I love the Heist Society series as well.