Monday, December 3, 2012

WooHoo! A Royal Pregnancy!

Look,  I Know This Isn't Book Related and I was suppose to do a review today.. BUT I am SO excited for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to be expecting their 1st Child.  For Those Who Don't Know Me Well. I absolutely adore the Duchess and have followed her closely. (Also, Will and Kate are both my 16th Cousins) Not That I will ever meet them, or my 17th cousin.
Since, it is reported Kate is NOT at her 12 week/ 1st trimester yet. I will Assume She is about 8 weeks and that the baby was conceived sometime in October. So I predict the babies due date will Be Late July to Early August.  (Late August, Early September at the Latest).

Gender: I am going to say Girl.

Name:  If it is a girl, I highly suspect That Diana and Elizabeth will be apparent of her name. Diana (meaning - Divine) after of course his Mom and Elizabeth (meaning-God Is My Oath) for the Queen and Also, Kate's Middle Name. I am Feeling Diana Elizabeth Alexandra. (obviously, I am most likely wrong and have no REAL insight into what They are Thinking)

If my gender prediction proves wrong,  and it is a boy. For Some reason I feel like Liam (meaning - strong willed warrior) may be a name choice. It is trendy and popular in England and is also a shortened version of William.  However, I feel Charles (meaning -free man), Phillip (meaning - lover of horses) are Strong Picks in the name mix, with a possibility of Frances (meaning - from france or free) and Spencer (meaning - Butler, Steward). Both Names representing his mother.

Are You Excited For The Royal Pregnancy? What Are YOUR Predictions for the babies Gender and Name?

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  1. It's ridiculous how excited I am for this especially since it doesn't impact me at all. As for names, knowing that William has 5 or so, I'm assuming that will be the same with the baby. Assuming it's a girl I see Elizabeth and Diana as middle names, but not as first names. Instead I could see Victoria, Anne, or Charlotte as first names for a girl.