Monday, March 25, 2013


"When sophomore Jill Townsend hears the hottest senior in school, Robbie Magnor, say he thinks a woman who can fly is sexy, she knows what she must do to catch his eye. As she sets out to become a pilot, she unearths a love for flying and finds she belongs up in the breath-taking sky. She wants to fly more than anything. Up there, she not only has an amazing view of the world and its endless possibilities, but there’s nothing holding her back.
But with her mom forbidding anything more dangerous than homework, Jill fights to free herself. In a clever scheme, she drums up the money for lessons and forges a permission slip. She’s off soaring into the wild blue — until a surprise in the sky foils her plans and threatens her life. Terror at ten thousand feet pales in comparison to the horror waiting on the ground. Now what will Robbie think?
FlyGirl Jill discovers there's only one way out..."

My Aunt and Uncle are commercial airline pilots and my Aunt is also a flight instructor. On top on that my mother is a pilot as well (although not as her job) So flying is definitely a family thing. I do not fly, but I love airports and flying in airplanes! lol. Anyways, through my Aunt she has met or knows a lot of pilots who have written books with an aviation theme and because of that I have received a lot of books. Which is what happened here, when I unexpectedly received FlyGirl in the mail.

FlyGirl is a very quick read and although, it takes place in High School. It had a very middle grade feel and because I wasn't expecting that it was hard for me to really get into. On top of that I felt some of the scenarios were unrealistic. Well, maybe not unrealistic, cause they could happen. I just don't think ALL of that could realistically happen in a short amount of time. With that being said. for girls in elementary to middle school. I think this is a decently good and empowering read. 

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