Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Sorry! This isn't book related, but you may have seen it on my blog or twitter feed mentioned several times and well it is a HUGE part of my life, not to mention it....

That would by my Mom and I's Backpack company called AttachaPack!
For almost 5 years my Mom and I ( myself mainly for 2 years) have been developing and designing and backpack that is customize-able / personalize-able. After SEVERAL prototypes and logo changes and name changes. We have finally formed our company and we have finally LAUNCHED!

Sort Of.

We will be launching our website attachapack.com in Mid-August, but as of last night we launched out Amazon "Pop-Up" Store. That contains what we called our "ready-made" backpacks. Which are just pre-designed backpacks for you to choose from, instead of designing them yourself. Although, you most definitely still do that.

Here are Examples of WHY AttachaPack is Special and Different.

The backpacks also have safety features... such as GPS tracking and bulletproof shields. But that is all OPTIONAL. 

PLEASE Check Out Our Amazon Store and Tell Everyone You Know, About Us!!! Thank You!

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