Monday, July 22, 2013

Woohoo! A Royal Birth!

As many of you probably know... I am a huge fan of the royal family and of The Duchess of Cambridge...

I was pretty stoked back in December when we learned that she was pregnant and I immediately made my predictions.

Now all that waiting is over (sort of) and the Royal Baby is HERE!

I was correct in my prediction that the baby would be born in late July. However, I was wrong, when it came to the babies gender! I thought for sure it was going to be a girl, it even seemed that popular opinion would agree with me on that. However. the Duke and Duchess welcomed a Baby Boy at 4:24pm (their time) and we are now just waiting on all the other important details. Like, the name...

I really hope we do not have to wait long on the baby name, as I imagine they had some already picked out, beforehand. As I have said before I hope they do pick one name that is "traditional" although not crazy, just not a typically royal name. I also think it would be sort of funny if they did surprise everyone and go for the names on the bottom of the betting lists.

My name Predictions have changed slightly since my last post but not much.. The Child will most likely have at least four names, this is my previous predictions and my new predictions. I am not guessing what order they will be in but that they will be apart of the name.

Original Name Predictions                          New Name Predictions

1. Liam                                                        1. Edward
2. Charles                                                    2. Phillip
3. Phillip                                                      3. George
4. Frances                                                    4. Frances
5. Spencer                                                    5. Spencer
                                                                     6. James

All names have a history or meaning to them, so It would be interesting to see if any of these predictions are correct and to see what order they are in.. in fact I will make a loose full name prediction.. Phillip Edward George Spencer but don't hold me to that!

Are you guys excited and what is your name predictions?!

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