Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Make My Life As A Reader and Blogger Easier

1. My Husband Allows Me To Read...

No, this isn't a possessive thing, what I mean is.. my husband and I have a sort of arrangement. We both have hobbies that require a time commitment. My Husbands being Gaming and Mine Reading/Blogging. So, when we get home from work we kiss Hello, ask each other about our days and then pretty much leave each other alone the rest of the night. This may seem weird, but it works for us. Our weekends are more open for us to be together and a new thing we started is reading "together" at bedtime. Which really is me reading a book of his choice aloud. 

2. A Supportive Family
My family funds my bookish ways. Whether it is buying me books, bookcases, gift cards or driving me (since I am carless) to book related events. It is great to have this support for not only my reading habit but my blog as well. 

3. The Library
I hate that I can't keep the books I read, but it allows me the ability to read A LOT more books then I would be able to, since reading can be a costly habit.

4. NetGalley
Giving me the ease of reading ARC's. 

5. Goodreads
I don't really use GoodReads to its fullest, but I love that it keeps track of what I read and how much I read. As well as my love of book quotes. It also doesn't hurt when it lets me know how far behind I am at reading!

6. My IPad
Well, it is my Moms, but she kind of gave it to me. I use the Kindle App and even if I am not an e-reader fan, i appreciate the accessibility it gives me to read books from Netgalley and at night.

7. My Book Cases
Not only do they keep my my apartment organized, but I can display my books like trophies and just looking at them on the shelves makes me happy.

8. The Book Blogging Community
Undoubtedly, if this community did not exist I would most definitely not have enter the book blogging world and although, I would still read books.. I would definitely read less than I do now. 


  1. It totally helps when you have a supportive husband. Book reading and blogging take a lot of time and attention. I have an iPad but am still reluctant to read anything on it yet. I still prefer real books.

    1. Oh, me too! I only read free books on Amazon or from netgalley on it.. I can't stand the thought of buying an e-book.

  2. It's lovely to have so much support! Great list :-)

  3. Aww, so nice to have a family that understands your bookish ways :D my TTT

  4. Your blog is SO cool. I will have to revisit this once I am done studying for the mcat!

  5. My boy friend and I are the same way! I love it!

  6. My husband and I are the same ways. I night I'm in the dinning room area and he's in the living room. Although since our house it fairly open we aren't that far a part. We wind up randomly yelling things out to each other over the course of the night, but for the most part we're pretty separate.