Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Meeting Richelle Mead

Last Wednesday, I was pretty stoked for the opportunity to meet Richelle Mead. I LOVE her books, I was almost done reading Gameboard of the Gods and she wasn't doing many appearances. The signing was at the Barnes and Noble in Santa Monica. It was a wrist banded event, so it was quite full and I sat towards the back, but that is okay.

A cool little surprise is Margaret Stohl was at the event and even introduced Richelle, she stayed for the whole thing and even most of the signing. I saw a couple people go up and talk to her and take pictures with her and she seemed to be a super nice and relaxed person. I did not go up to her, but maybe that is just because I am kind of weird and feel like I am bothering them. 

Richelle started talking about Gameboard of the Gods and how the book had been in the works for 10 years and was almost her ideal world. She talked about how she thought it was in interesting concept about a world where religion was banned, but where people in general are spiritual and how would they handle not having religion.  She told how Justin March was based on a colleague in college who basically they would always lose on nights out and who all the girls in other departments hated because of his womanizing ways.

After that they moved on to talking about Vampire Academy and the development of the movie. Which wasn't anything too different then want we already know about it. Besides that Richelle did say she has fangirled over some of the movie scenes, that she has seen.

Through meeting her and listening to her, I learned that she is a very quite and reserved person with a dry sense of humor. She is really sweet and we didn't talk much but she did say she respected book bloggers/reviews and they fact that they have to be honest about their opinions. Although, I assured her I hadn't wrote a negative review of her books (I don't think I have at least!)  She signed 3 of my books and then my Vampire Academy box set. With that being said I had a great time and met quite a few other FanGirls at the signing. 


  1. Ahh I'm so jealous!! I just finished Gameboard of the Gods, which I enjoyed but not as much as her VA series, which I LOVED! It's funny that you said she describes herself as a quiet and reserved person, because that's exactly how I would have described her in your photos!

  2. I would LOVE to meet Richelle Mead again - she was the second author I ever met and was so so nice. I remember she complimented my shirt, and I waas like quaking and shaking at meeting her.