Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Best and Worst Series Endings


This book and the ending made me LOVE the series! Totally had a book hangover from this one!

Talk about getting all your questions answered. I just didn't want it to end though!

Aw, Never have I cried SO much, from the perfection of the ending, the closure I was getting and from the sadness that an era was over.

Although, I totally WISH there was a 5th book, I was very happy with the ending to the Twilight Series.


AH! My feelings were totally toyed with the whole series and then to end it that way, was SUCH a betrayal!

Not the WORST ending, but still disappointed.

I didn't love Hunger Games but grew attached reading Catching Fire and Mockingjay was going to be my happy resolution and all the ending did was make me furious!

GAH! LOVED Elixir and wanted SOOOO much from this series and man oh man did this series let me down. 


  1. I hate it when book endings let me down. It makes me wonder why some books need to be part of a series when they are so pretty on their own.

    Totally agree with Harry and Twilight.

  2. i've been tempted to read those hilary duff books, but can't bring myself to do it! for some reason i always wonder how much help they got writing it, if it will suck and it be obvious that it was only published because of their celebrity, etc. BUT-- i have seen a lot of positive buzz about her books, so i don't know!!

  3. I didn't realize the Princess series by Meg Cabot had ended! I haven't actually read these... but my daughter loved the first couple, so I'm glad to hear it ended well. Maybe I'll catch up one day! Nice list. :)

  4. I loved the Twilight series when I first read it and the last book was definitely awesome =)
    My TTT