Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Turn-offs


1. Political Slamming
Esp. when it is not essential to the books plot line. This instantly puts me in a foul mood.

2. Animal or Elderly Cruelty
It makes me SO unbelievably sad and angered and when it is in a book I can't handle it

3. No Love Connection
Not necessarily instalove, but when characters are forced to be together.. yet I don't feel the love and chemistry between them. How am I suppose to believe in it then?

4. Bad Covers
Superficial? Yes. But Ugly cover... chances are I won't read your book. Unless recommended to me.

5. When a Series Is Repetitive
And what I mean by that is, when I begin to read a book and you CONTINUOUSLY refresh me on what happened in the previous book. A little reminder is okay.. a summaries worth.. not so much! I am looking at you Richelle Mead! (although, I still love her books)

6. Quick Endings
Meaning.. I have read and received a lot of information, I am loving it and fully absorbed in the story, but I want answers too. Low and behold there is 20 pages left to the ending... and I think "no... please don't do this to me" and they do! They wrap up the past 250 pages of greatness into 20 pages and leave me fuming mad!

7. Predictability
Really, how annoying is it when you can see exactly where the plot line is going.

8. Overly Forgiving Characters!
This drives me bonkers! When there is a shitty friend and they get in a fight or whatever and then two pages later they have made up! No, that person sucks! DITCH THEM! Ala Mia and Lily. 

9. Blow-ups over Nothing
I hate hate hate when a character makes a mistake or there is a misunderstanding and the other characters. the presumed victim. Gets all judgy and doesn't listen and creates this big fight over something usually not THAT important. 

10. Vulgarity
Look, I can be vulgar, I can have a naughty sense of humor... but sometimes it is too much, like there is trying to be a shock factor. Especially, when the book is YA. Nope, I don't wanted to read about "fucking a guy and making him cum" consistently. I didn't even like typing that on here. This reason and reason #1 are why i stopped reading The Jessica Darling series. It just makes me cringe!

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  1. 1, 5, 7, 9, and 10! Agreed!!! Great list!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know