Monday, November 8, 2010

Breaking News Update #1

Welp.. Mr. Gregorio got a lot farther in his progress of the book then I expected.. He got all the way to Pg. 6 of the 1st Chapter.. which means he read through the whole prologue as well. Although I was reading the book at times... there were a few "hmmphs" from Brandon's side.. He was excited to see that there was a map in the book that showed San Jose (where we grew up) and he also said "oh he went to Leland"  For those who don't know Leland is a local high school near us.. Brandon later rifled through a few pages to see where the chapter ended.. and then a few minutes later.. I found him passed out with his face in the book.

In The Morning.. I asked Brandon about the book.. and his response was " so far I like it, and cannot wait to continue reading it."

Since B, isn't big on reading, so these chronicles may take a long time of reporting..

Currently Reading: How To Be Single By Liz Tuccillo 

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