Sunday, November 28, 2010


Go Ask Alice is a truly saddening and eye opening book. The book is based on a fifteen year old girls account of drug use, written in her diary. The name of the girl is never mentioned and the book is published as Anonymous. Many believe that it is a true account, but there being numerous accusations and stories saying otherwise the book is now published as fiction.. all though still authored by Anonymous. Whether or not the book is based on a fifteen year old girls actual life or not the story it tells is a very real story, that holds true today as it did back in the 70's; when the diaries were written(allegedly).

You become engaged by this helplessly naive teenage girl, who has the same worries as everyone else and just wants to fit in. She begins her spiral into drugs when she attends a party and her drink is laced with LSD. From there her addiction to every drug out there begins. You see her try and try again and again to break the cycle of addiction and as you read the diary. You feel for this young lost little girl. From running away, to being a drug dealer, to having sex with strangers, you cringe. However, the book is so well written, that you don't feel disgusted when reading these accounts. Her struggle to stay clean, have a normal life and be loved, is a truly heart wrenching one.

The book overall is an easy read by far and if you are an avid reader you will finish is quickly, but even if you are not an avid reader it shouldn't take you too long to finish. It is especially hard to but down and I would by most definitely recommend it. In fact I think this should be required reading in middle school to high school. For the fact the this could happen to any naive unsuspecting teenager. I guess, I also like this book because it made me think about how the politics are and how till this day people try to push the drugs aren't bad shtick on you and it makes me think of the people who I know personally do drugs and how proud I am to say I have never done drugs (including weed) I mean, when we had the Red Ribbon Weeks in elementary school and when our teachers told us drugs were bad, I remembered that and held on that promise we made on red ribbon week to "just say no". I wish more kids were like that, Go Ask Alice also reminded me of Thirteen and Girl,Interrupted. Also, two movies I think our youth should see and take to heart.. Unfortunately, to most saying this just makes me look prude, but whatever. Go read the book, it is well worth your time and money.

What's Next?
Oh, I am so so so excited for my next book...(well I am always excited for my next book) but this one more so, because I truly admire the authors. My next book is I Do, Now What? By Giuliana and Bill Rancic. Giuliana is the co-host of E! News with Ryan Seacrest and Bill Rancic is one of the winners of The Apprentice. They are now married and have the own Reality show and since then I have feel in love with them as a truly unique and relate-able couple. So, I can not wait to see what there book holds about love, life and marriage.

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