Monday, December 20, 2010

"Breaking" News Update #2

Welp, the progress Brandon has made on reading his book Where Men Win Glory is exactly where he was last time I Updated you.. he is six pages in...However, Brandon was really excited today because he received a new book in the mail The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. Brandon was extremely excited to get this book the moment he saw it at a Border's ...So, with a Gift Card that my Aunt gave to him for Amazon he purchased the book. Brandon was not happy though... when I told him, he could not read the new book, until he finished reading Where Men Win Glory...It may sound harsh.. but I have My reasons..

You see, Brandon in general wasn't a big reader.. So, one day (last December) while we were at Target... I was looking at books in the well, book section and as we were leaving Brandon mentioned he would like Where Mean Win Glory and I laughed it off.. since He never reads.. well Brandon for the next few days kept bringing it up that he wanted that book and every time I would say "why buy you a book... you won't read?" and every time he would assure me he was going to read it. So, I bought him the book... and now, a year later and he ha on read 6 pages of this book, he HAD to have, this book he PROMISED he would read. Needless, to say... He will read this book before he can read another. Brandon's not so happy with this.

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