Sunday, December 12, 2010

American Wife

I read American Wife about 2 or 3 years ago and when I picked the book, cause honestly I pick 90% of my books on there cover and title and rarely read the back to see what they are about.... So, when I picked this book, I thought it would be simply about an American Wife and it is... but with a literal twist.

The book follows Alice Lindgren through out her life. The book starts from when from a young age well into her late 50's. As a teenager Alice is in a terrible accident and also, gets pregnant and has an abortion. These two incidents, haunt her her whole life and affects her relationships and life views. Later on we see her become a nice young woman, moving out on her own , dating and enjoying her job as a School Librarian. Until one fateful night where she meets Charlie Blackwell at at friends BBQ. From there her life becomes a whirlwind. and soon her a Charlie are married.  The Blackwell's a quite wealthy, a little snooty and Republican family are very different from what Alice is used to. But her life REALLY changes when her husband Charlie has political ambitions, going from Mayor, to Governor and then President. You see how Charlie's political career, takes a toll on the family and how incidents from Alice's past come back to haunt her, however, but despite all that she remains the perfect American Wife.

First off, you can't help but read this book and think about the parallels between the character Alice and Laura Bush. Which leads to some intirgue.. but overall the book isn't anything magnificent. BUT it is isn't dreadful either. The book is very realistic and endearing though. If you need something to read you will definitely enjoy it, you won't hate it.. it's just not "action packed"

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