Monday, December 13, 2010

I Do, Now What?

Let me start off by saying, this isn't a book I would typically read.. the whole celebrity advice book, our life thing... isn't well, my thing. However, Giuliana and Bill are actually the one celeb couple I love and admire. Having watched there show on the Style Network, I found them to be a genuinely solid couple who had got the whole marriage thing mastered. It also helped that my fiance and I both shared a lot of similar qualities with them. So, when they came out with a book, I instantly Wish Listed It.

Why should you go out and buy this book? Well , first off the book is funny. If you have seen their show, then you will not be disappointed since the book is told through Bill and Giuliana. What I mean by that is.. it's like they are there talking to you about their marriage.. Bill will begin with the story, then Giuliana adds her two sense and back and forth even sometimes interuppting each other. Who they are comes in cleary. The book covers everything from Work, Babies, In-Laws, Money, Sex and everything in between. They share there own life expeiriences with these problems while also backing them with studies and facts. Although at times you may feel a pang of jealousy about how perfect they seem to be.. they also, never claim to be perfect and admit they are human.

This book is good for anyone to read really... but, you will probably appreciate it more if you are in a committed long term relationship. I also, find that this is a good Engagement and even extra wedding gift to give. It's not insulting to give either because this isn't "how to fix your marriage" it is more of 'ways to keep your marriage happy" all while being entertaining. I hope they come out with more books and I wish them the most success and happiness a couple could have, cause they are truly amazing people and my couple idols.

What's Next?
My next fabulous read is Elixir by Hilary Duff. From what I understand the book is about a young female journalist who goes to find her missing father and on the way has some paranormal experiences.. I actually have very high hopes for this book.

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