Saturday, December 18, 2010


WOW! What a debut novel by Hilary Duff. May I first add I have always been a huge fan of Hilary Duff, I always preferred her over Lindsay Lohan. I think I made a great choice. However, when I saw on Live With Regis & Kelly (love that show) that she was coming out with a book... I will admit I was skeptical about it.. Now, let me clarify I am not saying people have to have one life's passion or be good at one thing... being as I am someone who has myself finished writing a children's story and on top of that busy opening my own event planning business and hope to open a baby boutique later on in life. So, why can't she be a talented Actor, Musican, and Author? But... Hollywood can be SO cliche and some people do it just cause they can. However, like I said I really like Hilary Duff and when she described the book, something told me this is the real deal.. although I was still skeptical....

The book is hard to really explain.. The book is about Clea Raymond (17) who at her young age is an accomplished photo journalist and also, the daughter to a Senator and Researcher. A Year after her father goes missing, Clea notices that in all her pictures a mysterious man appears in all of them. Although creeped out at first she feel drawn to him and his soon dreaming of him.. Until one fateful night in Rio. Where she meets him and the mystery of who he is and where her father is start to unravel.

Elixir is fast paced and at times can seem a little jumpy, however.. I didn't want it to end. It has everything a good book should have, it has the paranormal elements, mystery, revenge, romance, a love triangle, friendship, history and so much more. I was almost sad that the book was coming to an end... it's kind of like watching the season finale of your favorite TV show and it end with a cliff hanger.. then realizing you have to wait a few agonizing months until next season to find out what happens. Like a said for a debut novel, Hilary has definitely put a really really good book under her belt. I don't know how to explain it really. The best way of saying it, is that she wrote a REAL book and is a REAL author in her own right.  There are many celebs who write decently good books and can call themselves authors but to have a book that is truly something that can stand on it's own  without a celebrity name is rare. I would read this book and enjoy it just as much had it not been written by Hilary Duff. I recommend it to every one to go out and buy it.. even boys and although it is in the Young Adult Category.. the adults will enjoy it as well. I cannot wait for the sequel to come out and if it gets turned into a tv show or movie.. I can not wait to watch it either. Hell I'd love to star in it.. Clea is definitely a character I would enjoy playing (hey, who said I couldn't be an actress too ; p). At your next book club meeting suggest Elixir or if you're looking for your next great read.. go to the book store and pick it up. You will not.. I promise you will not regret it.

What's Next?
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.. Okay I honestly know NOTHING about this book.. besides that it comes highly recommended. So, with that I am excited to read it.

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