Monday, January 10, 2011


The version I read was actually 3 books combined, Kissed By An Angel, The Power of Love and Soulmates. Basically, the book is about Ivy and Tristan who are madly in love teenagers, until one night they get in a terrible accident, and Tristan gets killed. The book follows both Ivy and Tristan. It follows Ivy coping with Tristan's death her mom's new marriage and all the twists and turns of this thriller. Tristan is coping with being dead and learning what he is and isn't capable of doing now that he is Ivy's angel. There is a whole bunch of creepy paranormal, mystery, murder and what not.. oh, and love.

To Be Honest, the book was a cute,creepy and fun BUT over all not memorable and not worth buying. In fact, it's boring me to even TRY and go back and think about what happened in the book. Three Books was TOO long for the book, the title made it seem promising and that was about it.

Currently Reading: The Girls Of Murder City By Douglas Perry

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