Friday, January 7, 2011

There's A Reason They Call Them Classics

I finished reading The Great Gatsby last night and to be honest, I am proud of myself. I read a classic book on my own, it wasn't for school or anything and I actually enjoyed it! Not saying that I didn't enjoy reading 1984 or Of Mice and Men, but there was something different there.  Which I will Explain later on. I'm sure most older readers have already read The Great Gatsby. So, my need of explaining the book to you isn't needed.. However there are a selected few people like me who haven't read it and may think that this book is based in the 20's and some how involves a boat. Don't ask me why I thought that but I did. I did know that the book was set in the 20's and that people had Great Gatsby parties and also, it involved a love triangle. What I didn't know is that the book is a tragedy and is told through someone who isn't Gatsby or Daisy.

The The Great Gatsby is told through Daisy's cousin Nick Carraway. Nick talks about his life and why he now lives in West Egg, where he lives next door to Jay Gatsby and across the river lives his cousin Daisy with her husband Tom Buchanon. Jay Gatsby is a mysterious man who holds elaborate parties in the summer on Saturdays. Nobody knows who he really is, but they all try and guess. Through the summer Jay and Nick become good friends. Nick also, learns that Daisy's husband is  cheating on her and that Daisy and Gatsby have a romantic past. While all this is going on Nick also has an arrangement as they say with Daisy's friend Ms. Jordan Baker.  Through this book there are many twists and turns in this tragic love story.

This book, had me pleasantly surprised. It wasn't what I expected at all and there were characters involved that surprised me as well. The book is so well written, in a way that not only makes it a classic but timeless as well. It is written very contemporary or modern. Meaning it is relate-able through the years.. it doesn't use too many words that are for the time period only. So, you don't get confused or bored by it. I recommend anyone who is serious about reading to read The Great Gatsby. The book is by far one of  my favorite classics.

What's Next?
My next book is called The Girls of Murder City by Douglas Perry.  My fiance bought this book off my amazon wish list and basically the book is about the girls who committed murder in 1920's Chicago. Supposedly the book is what spurred the musical Chicago.

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