Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 10 Children's Classics

This is a list of my top 10 favorite Children s classics. With the exception of children s books that are series and staying in the age range of 3-8 years old. Again, these are books that are MY personal favorites and are special to me for many reasons. A lot of them being associated with my Grandma Thomas who passed away almost 3 years ago and always encouraged me to read and had A lot of these books lying around.

1. Love You Forver
The reason I consider this book a classic, because it is the perfect book to read to your child at night; So that they know how much you love them at all stages of their life. This book is special to me cause my mom, read it to me when I was little and the saying is something we still say to each other...
"I'll Love You Forever, I'll Like You Forever, As Long as I'm Living; My Baby You'll Be"
Also, the illustrations were always fun to look at.

2. If You Give a Mouse A Cookie
This book was an instant classic! From the insanely cute pictures to the absurdity of what would happen if you really gave a mouse a cookie, that would give both you and child the giggles.

3. Where The Wild Things Are
  A Story of a little boy who didn't want to eat his dinner and go to sleep, is something every little monster and parent can relate too. As a child you may not understand the underlying meaning of the book, but the illustrations and idea of a young boy being King of an island of monsters is entertaining in itself. No matter if you got the moral of the story the book always stuck in your mind. Didn't It?

4. Make Way For Ducklings
  Make way for Ducklings is a heart warming tale of Mrs.Mallard and her eight ducklings traveling around Boston, as Mrs. Mallard looks for a safe place to raise her ducklings. The story so near and dear to hearts that they actually have a Make Way For Ducklings bronze sculpture in Boston's Botanical Gardens. This book is near and dear to me especially since it is one of many books my Grandma read to me.
5. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
A colorful and entertaining book, that encourages reading and has an interactive layout that keeps kids intrigued and happy. 

6. Goodnight, Moon
Goodnight Moon, is the ultimate bedtime story, it is short and sweet and usually has kids asking you to read it one more time, before they have to say Goodnight Moon, themselves.

7. Courduroy
The tale of a bear with a missing button, waiting in a department store to be adopted is a heart warming tale.

8. The Polar Express
 A clever and perfect holiday classic about a boys journey to the North Pole. 

9. The Story About Ping
Ping live with his Parents, his siblings and forty-two cousins, until one day Ping goes on his own adventure and gets himself lost.

10. The Story of Ferdinand
A story of a bull who would rather smell flowers all day then bull fight, teaches kids to celebrate diversity and to it's ok, to be different.   


  1. This is a timely list, what with the Newbury and Caldecott medals announced recently. Kudos to you for thinking of a post that no one else did.

    And bless Grandma Thomas! What was *her* favorite book?

  2. Well Thank You!
    You know it is weird, I don't really know. If I had to guess I would pick any of the stories by Beatrix Potter and Stuart Little.

  3. I forgot about Ping and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie! Great choices!