Friday, January 28, 2011

This One's For The Girls

Let me just say I am SO sorry, for not being an avid blogger this month.. I have about 5 different blogs going on  and I have failed to update most of them regularly.. although this may be my favorite one to write... well next to my Event Planning tips one, but I feel like such a fraud writing that one... cause even though I want to be an Event Planner and I am extremely judgmental of other peoples events.... I am not an Event Planner(yet) therefore I feel my advice I give is pointless... but I give it none the less.. I know I don't normally start my Book/Reading blogs this way, but I felt that this was the right way to do this one. ANYWAYS, I can't exactly pinpoint why I haven't been blogging as much and I think it has to do with two things. One being lack of motivation, but the other being... I think my blogging/writing skills suck. Especially after realizing my fiance is a better writer then I. Which this may sound bad, but it quite shocking to me. You see, I am extremely competitive, but not just that.. In general I did better in school then Brandon. I am the one that who tells him how to spell words and what words mean and all that fun stuff. Granted he is WAY better at spell checking then I am... What kills me is I got him into Blogging/Writing and now he is BETTER than me. Therefore a part of me died.

Which brings me to another similar topic (don't worry this will all tie into each other) I kind of want to write a book.. I have already written a children s book [SIDEBAR: which I am still looking for an illustrator for and help/tips on getting published are much appreciated] but I want to explore other genres, I have so many great ideas in my head that I want to get out on paper. Which again leads to my fear of objection and the fact that I stink at writing. Which I know, is bad cause "I'm the only person.. standing in the way of myself ' blah blah blah blah. It also doesn't help that I have a MILLION (literally) other things I want to do. Now here comes the segeway.. what led me to writing this way longer then expected "prologue" to my next book review is, that I was on my Twitter when I came across Meg Cabot's twitter page, which led me to her web page, which led me to reading her blogs. Her blogs made me laugh and in a way inspired me to start writing a book again. Will I go through with it? I don't know.. but for now I will review one of Meg Cabot's books that I read.. which is another thing her blog reminded me to do. = )

Lets go back to when I was 13.. Had braces, was built like twig, with frizzy hair, braces and freckles. Sitting in my purple flowered bed, in purple room at my Dad's house.. staying up extremely late reading... Meg Cabot books. That has long it also been since I have read a Meg Cabot book.. (I'm 21 now). My selection process of books wasn't really different then it is now, expect that I was looking in the Young Adult Selection, which I do at times still venture into. So like (most) 13 year old girls.. I venture towards the book, with the neat title and pretty cover.  "How To Be Popular" what somewhat geeky girls wouldn't be interested in this book?

The Title basically sums up the book, the main character Stephenie Landry has been a social leper since 6th grade and yearns to be popular. So, when she finds an old book on what else...but, How To Be Popular. Stephanie uses it as her guide to climbing the social ladder in high school. The book is pretty much what every teen coming of age story has.... The nerdy girl, who becomes a "princess" (no, this isn't Princess Diaries).. who likes the hot jock, but realizes the person she really loves is right under her nose. Family Drama and all that fun stuff. Cabot's characters are always fun, witty and like-able which makes the books SO popular. However, my one critique would be that I actually didn't really like how the book ended (if i remember it correctly). Although THIS one wasn't one of my particular favorites of Meg Cabot's, I over all enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone who has a daughter who is going through her awkward stages.

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