Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Review for a New Year

The review for this book will be short and sweet and maybe lacking for the review that was chosen to start the New Year with, but I was looking for people to follow on The Lost Book Reports Twitter, when I saw Maureen Johnson's Twitter.. the name instantly sounded familiar to me.. So I googled it and it took me to her personal website when I discovered she had written Suite Scarlett and 13 Little Envelopes (which I have reviewed previously). This recognizance reminded me that I have read Suite Scarlett and that this was a book I shall review.

Suite Scarlett was a book i read over the summer of 2009, maybe 2008... I spotted it in a library and was instantly drawn to it.. Again, covers and names are how I pick my books and I know , i know you aren't suppose to judge a book by its cover, but for the most part this method hasn't really failed me. If you HAVE a really good book, that I haven't read.. then maybe you need a better cover = ) Anyways, for me it was the blond curls, bright red lipstick and the name Scarlett that had me hooked.

I don't remember much about the book to be honest.. besides that there is a girl named Scarlett, who lives in a hotel with her family, she likes a guy who acts and there is Shakespeare on Unicycles... I know.. it doesn't sound too thrilling, but I promise I was a sweet, cute book and I am actually excited that there is a sequel to it; which I discovered on Maureen Johnson's website. I recommend this book to younger girls.. Middle School - High School and more for your summer reading, then for a book report.

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