Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blue Bloods

"De la Cruz has revamped traditional vampire lore in this story featuring a group of attractive, privileged Manhattan teens who attend a prestigious private school. Schuyler Van Alen, 15, the last of the line in a distinguished family, is being raised by her distant and forbidding grandmother. Schuyler, her friend Oliver, and their new friend Dylan are treated like outsiders by the clique of popular, athletic, and beautiful teens made up of Mimi Force, her twin brother, and her best friend. What they have in common is the fact that they are all Blue Bloods, or vampires. They don't realize that they aren't normal until they reach age 15. Then the symptoms manifest themselves and they begin to crave raw meat, have nightmares about events in history, and get prominent blue veins in their arms. Their immortality and way of life are threatened after Blue Blood teens start getting murdered by a splinter group called the Silver Bloods. This novel constantly name-drops and is full of product placements, drinking, drugs, nonexplicit sex, and superficial characterizations, but the intriguing plot will keep teens reading. De la Cruz's explanation for the disappearance of the Colony of Roanoke is unique and the idea that models don't gain weight because they are Blue Bloods rather than anorexic is unusual."

Plot: The plot is another new take on modern day Vampires, with a historical twist on it. I found the plot very intriguing and amusing. Nicely written and creative.

Characters: The characters are pretty much the basics, The Outsider who is actually kind of cute and special, The Outsiders best friend, The Rebel, The Heart Throb, The Beautiful Mean Girl, The Mean Girls Best Friend..who is actually nice. In that sense, the characters are pretty typical, yet well written enough to make them interesting.

Pros: Different approach, Intriguing

Cons: It was rushed when it came to the whole love thing, and it was hard to tell of what day it was, it seemed all rushed together.

Final Thoughts: Although I am getting tired of Vampires and stuff, I was really sucked into this book. I think it was the whole Reincarnation, flashback through history thing. I am a sucker for that kind of stuff. Then I found it hilarious how the idea that most of the beautiful, rich people in New York and around were Vampires. I am really excited to read the 2nd book in the series. 

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