Monday, August 22, 2011



I am going to write this book in my old format, mainly cause I just don't feel my new review format works for what I have to say about this book. Being the final book in the series, I was excited to see how this series was going to end. Originally, when I started the series, I was not impressed but the 2nd and 3rd books of the series had me hooked, with all its twists and turns. I wanted to know how Diana and Henry would get together, if Penelope would get a taste of her own medicine, I wasn't a fan of Carolina Broad at first and thought she would be found out and ridiculed but I soon got excited for her and wanted her to fall in love with Leland and well Elizabeth, I really didn't care.

Unfortunately, this book disappointed me GREATLY! and The Series in general did not live up to the hype in my opinion. I mean I got really sick of Diana and Henry's we love each other, here is our secret plan, but oh wait! something happens that makes this not realistic. This isn't a TV series! So, I was CLEARLY upset when they didn't end up together at all! Then Yes, I happy that Penelope got a taste of her medicine, but then her and Henry make up and stay friends. PLEASE, she was a crazy BIOTCH! I would have LOVED her to be publicly humiliated FOREVER! Carolina and Leland were amazing and I felt he genuinely loved her enough to not care that she had hidden her past, but no, this did not happen and frustrated me more. I was happy that Elizabeth and Teddy ended up getting together, but I would have enjoyed the Mr. Cairns story line to have been left out. In fact, there was a lot of filler drama in my opinion. As if Godbersen almost didn't have any idea what the plot was, so she just kept adding drama and then quickly tying ends. True, I can see why the story ended the way it did, but I was SO SO SO disappointed. I felt my time was wasted reading this series.

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