Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday : Books on My TBR for Fall


Masquerade By Melissa De La Cruz - 
I have taken this book as well as the next two with me up North in hopes that I could finish reading them by the time I go back home on Thursday... I also need to finish reading this book and Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by then cause that is when they are due back at the library! Overall, I have been more then stoked to begin reading this book. 


Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy By Ally Carter -
Like I said above this is due this Thursday, so I really hope I can get to this book by then, I am interested in reading this book and seeing if the series gets better.


The Arranger By L.J.Sellers-
Since this book is for review it is the next on my TBR after Library books and before bought books. =) 


Heart of The Matter By Emily Giffin-
Uhm, I have wanted this book for OVER a year now and bought this book about 3 months ago, unfortunately  it is on my TBR list as a bought book, which takes last priority of when it gets to be read, but finally its time is getting closer and closer to be read and I am SO SO SO happy about this. 


My Zoo Family By Helen Martini-
My Grandma mailed me this book and like the previous book and the book after this one it has the awful pleasure of being a book that wasn't a immediate need to read. But since I like to read my bought/gifted books in the order I have received them , I will be reading this soon. 


A Place of Yes By Bethenny Frankel -
I recommended this book to my Mom, who in turned loved it so much she got me the book! Which I am excited since I absolutely ADORE her!


Bright Young Things By Anna Godbersen  - 
I was thrilled when this came in the mail and then ultimately sad when I had t put it at the bottom of my TBR, but I am finally getting closer to having it read. I really hope this book and series does not disappoint me, as the Luxe Series did.


Devoted By Hilary Duff - 
OK, SO technically I don't have this book yet and since it doesn't arrive until Oct. 10th, I probably will have other books on my TBR. BUT as of now this is the next one. I LOVED Elixir SO much, that I cannot wait to get to read Devoted. My only downside to this book is I am not a fan of the cover. Mainly, cause it doesn't match the original cover, which is beautiful and then one I have. 


  1. Oh, you HAVE to read the Gallagher Girls next - the series does get better and better! And I can't wait to hear how Bethenny's book is - she's my all-time favorite housewife. ;)

  2. I need to read Elixir I heard really good things about it :).

    Thanks for you comment on my blog !