Thursday, January 24, 2013

Running For Rhinos Fundraiser

Ok, I have tried this before and time and time again, had proven it doesn't go over that well.
However, it doesn't hurt to try.
Last year, I ran my 1st 5k with my mom as her Birthday gift. From then I have participated in a few more and have definitely enjoyed it! This month I participated in my first 5k of 2013. Disneyland's Never Land 5k and in February I plan on doing the Color Run.
I have had my eyes set on a specific run this year. The San Diego Safari Park Half Marathon. 
What drew me to this run was that they raise money for endangered species and animals in their park. 

This year the money we raise is for Rhinos. 
Which some of you may know are often poached for their horns!
If You Could I would REALLY appreciate any donations that could be made.
HERE   Thank You!

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