Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Meeting Ally Carter and Gail Carriger

On Sunday, I went to Mysterious Galaxy (an Independent Bookstore) In Redondo Beach to see Ally Carter for a book signing for Pretty Scoundrels.  It also ended up being a book signing for Gail Carriger, whose name didn't ring a bell until I saw that her book was Etiquette & Espionage. Which I ended up getting along with Pretty Scoundrels.

Redondo Beach is about 30 minutes from where I live, I timed it out so that I would get their about an hour ahead of time. Unfortunately, we hit traffic and we got delayed. We made it just before they began, however, the place was packed and it had turned into standing room.

I managed to get a decent enough view and listened as the author answered a few questions and made us all laugh. The whole thing went by SO quickly. Or maybe, it was just shorter than I am used too but we soon were ready for the book signing part of the day.

Even though it seemed like most of the questions were asked to Ally, it turned out Gail has quite a loyal following which resulted in a REALLY long and very slow moving line. A weird quirk of mine is that I like to be close to the very end of the line, this is usually because I have a lot of books with me and it usually gives me more time to talk to the author.  This was the wrong time to make that decision A) because I only had a total of 3 books and B) I started to get hungry and that dazed and confused feeling you sometimes get when hungry, started to kick in. Luckily for me they decided to take people who were there for Ally and put them in their own line. Thus, I met Ally Carter.

 Ally was beyond nice and really knows how to make people feel comfortable around her. She started by complimenting my scarf and then asking about myself. I bullet pointed it out for her 23.Married.Book Blogger and Co-Owner of a Backpack Company. She asked about the backpacks and was pretty impressed. I than asked her how she got the idea for the crossover (Double Crossed: A Spies and Thieves Story) and she gave a really in depth answer about how it was a question that was asked a lot during her last book tour and so on and so forth it came together. Although, she was hesitant about it at first. Apparently, there are a lot of people who are really into one series and anti the other.

After, my lovely meeting with Ally I was prepared to get into the back on the line for Gail but they pulled me aside and basically allowed me to cut the line and meet Gail. At this point I was on a high from meeting Ally and my hunger dizziness had hit an all time high, which means my brain had no function and it resulted in an mumbled attempt at conversation, Gail saying "would you just like me to sign the book?"  Me: "oh yea..." and a semi awkward photo. 

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