Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Moments

1. My Grandma Thomas Forcing Me To Read With Her-
At the time I did not appreciate it, but now that my Grandma has passed I do truly cherish her attempts to get me to enjoy reading a book. 

2. Barnes and Noble-
This is a great memory for me at any moment, since I love B&N, but when I was little I loved it even more because it was this huge magical place where I could just let my imagination go wild.

3. Harry Potter-
Being introduced to the books and my mom pre-ordering them for me every year, So that I would have to book the day it came out. 

4. Starting My Blog-
 When my reading went to a whole new level.

5. Getting My First Book From An Author-
Karen McQuestion. = )

6. Going to My First Bookish Event -
Los Angeles Festival of Books

7. Meeting Authors -
Libba Bray.Melissa DeLaCruz, Rachel Hartman..etc.

8. Get Accepted For ARC's -
Even if it is just Netgalley.

That is all I can think of right now, but I am very sure there are more moments.       





  1. Looks like you have many great bookish memories!

    Check out my list:

  2. Aww I love grandmas! I will totally force my grand kids to read lol. I'll be meeting some of my first authors at BEA I'll be so excited!!