Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Secret Life of Copernicus H. Stringfellow: Surreptitious Superhero

"Copernicus H. Stringfellow, a.k.a. Nick, is not your run-of-the-mill genius. His mind is so powerful it can stop a speeding automobile or stem internal bleeding. As Nick goes about quietly doing good, he discovers that his powers are greatly enhanced by the nutrients present in Twinkies. Follow Nick on his amazing adventures in this humorous and exciting action-packed book for all ages."

The Strange Life of Copernicus H, Stringfellow is a strange book indeed and when I say that I mean it entirely has a compliment. I have not read a book like this pretty much ever. The writing style is very different and quick. You quickly read through several peoples past and present lives and watch as it all begins to intermingle with each other and creates the tale of the very mysterious Copernicus H. Stringfellow. If you want to read a book you haven't read before I HIGHLY recommend this book.




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