Thursday, May 9, 2013

Meeting Gayle Forman

This Post Is LONG Overdue!!! On April 22nd. I had the pleasure of attending a Gayle Forman Meet and Greet at my local Burbank Public Library. If I Stay and Where She Went are some of my favorite books, So I was pretty elated when I got the chance to meet her.

However, this meet and greet was a little different then any other one I have been to. When I walked in and sat down.. a projector ready for a slide show greeted me.

Gayle started by welcoming us, and saying how excited she was since she grew up in Burbank. Then she took out her very well loved copy of Just One Day and began by explaining the concept of the book and the story behind the 1st photo in the slideshow. What was cool about the slideshow was that every slide tied into a section in her book and essentially she read several pages from her book at various parts. So, I got a VERY good understand of the book, but also got to find out the personal parts of them for her.

After, that she took some questions and surprisingly... I asked a MAJORITY of the questions! I normally like to sit and listen and laugh and observe. I will admit I got most of my questions from the day before at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. After that it was time to get in line and  get my books signed! 

The Women In Green Is Author Robin Benway!

As Usual I was pretty nervous, but I told her about how much I loved her books (DUH) and that Adam Wilde has been my favorite bookish boyfriend for the LONGEST Time, but that I was starting to like Willem form the excerpts. She had also said that there is a new male character in a book she is working on that is WAY hot in a bad boy kind of way.. I believe she called him Ben and I look forward to that! She thanked me for asking a lot of questions and I think that was about it!

 Needless, to say I had a GREAT time and I would DEFINITELY go to a book signing of hers again.

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  1. Gah! I'm hoping to see her when she comes to Australia, she seems so cool.