Friday, May 17, 2013

The Au Pairs (The Au Pairs, #1)

"Summer in the city? Way overrated. Everybody who's anybody in New York City summers in the Hamptons. Mara, Eliza, and Jacqui all want a piece of the action, all for different reasons.So the girls answer a classified ad to become au pairs. How bad can it be, watching a couple of kids on the beach all day? They've got the swank address, the sweet ride, and an all-access pass to the hottest social scene on the East Coast. It's shaping up to be the summer of their lives."
Plot: The Au Pairs plot line is a pretty predictable summer read and overall kind of vapid. However, I did enjoy the name dropping and the essence of the Hamptons.

Characters: Mara quickly becomes the main character of the series and easily most like-able. While Jacqui quickly became the most annoying and Eliza the one with the most growth.

Final Thoughts: I am very impressed how Melissa DeLaCruz is a versatile author and how whenever you read her books, you she transforms. Certains authors have a trademark way of writing that you know it is them, but DeLaCruz is full of writing surprises. With that being said The Au Pairs, would be the least favorite book I have read of hers, I will continue to read the series to see if the plot gets stronger.. However, I cannot see where it can go.

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