Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The GREAT, Great Gatsby Post

So on May 10th. Warner Brothers Finally Releases The HIGHLY Anticipated Great Gatsby Movie! In General, The Great Gatsby is already a pretty popular book, being deemed a Classic and written F.Scott Fitzgerald. However, with this movie coming out I imagine The Great Gatsby is going to gain even more popularity, especially with the younger crowd. So, this post is my attempt at a one stop shop for EVERYTHING Gatsby!

First Off Is The Book Itself. I personally enjoyed it and find it to be timeless and well worth earning the title of  A Classic and with ANY Book, there will be some people who do not like the book either. So, Here is some reviews from fellow bloggers. Both good and bad.

Kimberly's Novel Thoughts 
 (Let Me Know If You Have Reviews, You'd Like Me To Add)

There are A LOT of cool things about The Great Gatsby but one of my favorites is John Green's Crash Course explanation of the books. I am not an overly critical reader, so when I watched Crash Course it really gave me an even better perspective of the book.

The Movie Trailer

and If You Want To See The 1926 Movie Trailer Click Here.

When the casting was first announced for The Great Gatsby. I was personally elated, mainly because everyone they cast (minus Tom Buchanan) was who I had imagined in the roles while reading them. Since seeing more of Joel Edgerton's work (he is currently a favorite actor of mine) and seeing him act in the trailers, I can now say he is a great choice. I am imagine someone like Ben Affleck or the guy who played the bad guy in Titanic in the role. Regardless, I am excited.

The Great Gatsby has been around for 88 years and in those eighty-eight years has gone through many different covers.

Photo From

With The Movie Coming Out Even Tiffany's Is Getting In On The Action with Some Art Deco, Inspired Jewelry!

Side Note: This Is My Actual Wedding Ring, and I Got So Excited That It Was Even In This Collection That I Had To Share It.

Literally A Diamond Headband!

And, it isn't just Tiffany's that is inspired by Fitzgerald's work. A lot of people are and their work is a little more affordable. Click on The Photos To Link To Their Sites.

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