Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mhmm... Candy!

The past months I have been reading a lot of "chick-lit" or also "Easy Reads" as I call them... which means a book that is enjoyable but isn't anything new. To be honest I wasn't really interested on reading Lauren Conrad's series that was basically a mirror of her life. She "wrote" what she knew... and I say wrote cause I'm almost sure she used a ghost writer for the book. If you have ever watched MTV's Laguna Beach or The Hills. Than you will know Lauren Conrad is, if not.. basically she is/was the Star of those two reality shows following her life. L.A. Candy is basically based on The Hills. Four girls living in the life in the city.

I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the book. I think I enjoyed the book for the fact that the whole time I was trying to decide who the characters were based off of in real life.. Like Jane is obviously Lauren. Could Scarlett be Audrina?! They seem to have that edgy vibe, but in the book they say the girls went to High School together... So Heidi or Lo.. but that doesn't fit either. Maybe Madison is Heidi... all fake and bitchy.. and Gaby is Stephanie? WHO KNOWS.. Well Lauren does... It made the book more intriguing especially when you got a more behind the scenes feel to the reality TV life-style. Jane is a like-able character who you really root for and Scarlett is easily as like-able but adds a little more spice to things. The book is a little "slow" in the sense that this really is just an introductory, to the real drama I'm sure is to come with that little cliff hanger of an ending.

Over all I liked the book. It was entertaining enough, decently written, but not New York Bestsellers material in my opinion (and Yes, I am aware it was). Although I purchased it (it's a weird thing I have) I'd recommend getting it from the library. Needless to say after I go through my long list of must reads... I will definitely read the second and third books of the series.. "Sweet Little Lies" and "Sugar and Spice"

Currently Reading: Asylum by Patrick McGrath

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